Thursday, January 3, 2013

Milo's Blog Part Two - New Link

Hi Everyone,

We ran out of space to post photos on the current blog.  Please join me over at:

Milo's Greyt Adventures - Part 2 (new blog)

 PeAcE  :)

Happy New Year 2013 - Dear Makers and Packaging People of Canon Canada Inc.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Corn update: 
JUST when Devin was starting to lose hope.  

Corn 1 - On New Years Day (morning) Devin noticed that morning my corn broke off/fell out.  The area is much softer to touch and there is a tiny hole. There still looks to be something inside there though.  At work in progress.

Corn 2 -  Still growing outward, it's quite rounded compared to the "snow drift" that broke off a bit ago.  Devin is happy with the progress. 

Packages:  You've Got Mail!

Devin went to the post office yesterday to see if we had any mail.   There was a package for me AND for Devin.

When Devin brought the items home I went sniffy crazy on the package that arrived for me.  It was my Thera Paw boots from "GEM" (Greyhounds of Eastern Michigan -  Click to check out their store :), they arrived! 

Devin is going to keep my old boots and see if we can figure out a way to modify them.
Devin wants to figure out a way to keep the snow from getting packed inside, and also without compromising my gait, affix some rubber nubs on the bottom to give me more traction in the winter months. 

Oh, Devin wanted me to mention that the new camera arrived (EOS Rebel Canon T3i camera kit).   Can you sense my enthusiasm ???  Devin is still figuring out the camera and the basic functions.  You all know that in the days to come my blog will be littered with photos.  Meh,  :)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

Dear Makers and Packaging People of Canon Canada Inc,

I'm writing you this letter as a "concerned for my eye health" greyhound.  I would like to know why your "kits" do not include some form of  protective eye wear.  While your camera takes beautiful photos and the flash is of excellent quality -           err...uhm..  my eyes are suffering here. 

The protective wear would certainly decrease the light halos I'm currently experiencing post photo flash.  Have you any idea what it's like to "go towards the light" 24/7???    Yeah, I didn't think so.  
Sorry I became a little emotional. 

Getting back on track, to help cut down your research time, I've enclosed a photo I found while searching the internet for "greyhound sunglasses". (see below)
Say Cheeeseeeee!
 People of Canon, please think about this as a possible option for later orders. For the love of all adopted retired greyhounds world wide - Our "forever home" humans like to document everything.


Milo *blink* *blink*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

Some photos from the past few days:
Sheepie telling secrets
Kong dreaming - waiting for KONG time
Full tummy naps
Checking out Devin's package -

Devin told me that plastic wrapping is not to be played with
So I decided to nibble on the cardboard instead....
Then I got a little crazy with the cardboard
NOM NOM NOM - a little foot action
What? Me? I didn't eat that corner, You're crazy!
♪♪ C is for Cardboard, that's good enough for me ♪♪