Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ch Ch Cha Changes.....

Devin was a few minutes; more like 10 minutes late coming home this evening from work.  Normally I'm still crashing on Devin's bed upon the arrival, tonight though as soon as Devin put the keys in the door I had bounced off the bed and was stretching/waiting in the hall for the door to open. 

We went for a short walk (thank you Nana for taking me out while Devin's at work), turned around and came home. I was my new frisky self ready to sprint home.  No real zoomies tonight, but I did have the look of Zoom in my eyes.   Maybe it's the lack of anxiety meds in my system? Maybe it's just spring in the air....
Change is happening, whatever it is.

We made it back home, dinner was served up, back to bed I went to lay down for a bit. I  went between my nest and Devin's bed while Devin worked out; some humans just aren't blessed with the natural  physique like me. *hehe*  A lot of hard work goes into sleeping, stretching, walking and repeat.
Nappies last night - my new thing is to cross my front paws as I sleep.

While Devin cleaned up from the workout, I found myself back up on the bed. I thought I'd be helpful and try to turn down the blankets for Devin.  I gave up and ended up plopping down on a pair of joggers.  I like laying on Devin's clothing. :)
Resting on Devin's comfy pants.
That's it for me.  Just one more day and Devin is home with me for a few.  Maybe if the weather is nice we can go to the park.  I sure could use a few sprints!


PS - I  would like to note here that Devin called me to come outside, "the door trick" didn't need to be used. I came running at "Come Milo, let's go outside". 

 Ch Ch ch Changes

Friday, March 30, 2012

One Rolled Over And The Other Fell Out.....


Devin was trying to multitask yesterday before Erin came over for a visit. Steak was put on the stove to cook while Devin went for a quick shower (definitely not a common practice). 

I haven't had any interest in the kitchen since my early counter surfing days.  Devin did try and rig something in front of the stove in event I was slightly tempted, perhaps that would deter me.  Ye' With So Little Faith...

Steak cooking on the grill with the rice maker in front of it (like that would have really stopped me Devin..haha E+ for effort)
Hanging out in my nest while Devin went for a shower
  I think Devin had the quickest shower on earth, before I knew it I a head was popping around the corner looking for me. 

I was found laying Devin's bed, actually more like hanging off the side of it.

Hangin' Out... Have A Little Faith In Me Devin
What To Do...What To Do.  I was sleeping.. Now what...
eeeeeee - *mini stretch*
Now back to sleep....
♪ ♫Counting Spider Webs The Wall, That Don't Bother Me At All...♪ ♫
And then it happened.... Last night I couldn't quite get comfy on my bed.  Each time Devin peeked in on me I was slowly slipping off my bed.  The last move Devin finally figured out what was happening.  I was roaching, and with each roach and flop about I was worming my way off my bed.  Finally the last photo that was taken, I had roached and fell completely off my bed, like a worm shrinking up.  I was far too tired to get back on my bed.  I laid on the ground for sometime sleeping; before I got up and went out to my nest for a few hours.

Take 1
Take 2
Take 3
Take 4
Take 5
Take 6
Take 7
Take 8 ( almost off )
Take 9 (lost it)   z z   z z

When Devin came home from work I was crashed out on my bed in the bedroom. I didn't feel like moving for nothing.  I was having such a greyt sleep....
Devin's home! - I get so excited.  haha
Devin's new trick with opening the door or even unlocking the door still motivates me to get up and join.
We went on short walk before supper, came home, ate, Devin worked out, I chewed on my deer antler.  Life is pretty greyt.
nom nom deer antler!

My new hangout spot when Devin is nearing the end of a workout.

Oh! Is that another antler!!??
nom nom nom antlerrrssss

 Devin informed me tonight that I have a dental appointment on April 19th 2012 @ 0830hrs to get my jibbies (teef) cleaned.
I'm not sure how I feel about that.   Nana is going to come with us.

Guess that's it for now.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Moohound Files

Last night Devin and I stayed out in the living room. When it was time for breakfast I popped out of my nest and gobbled it up; I then wandered into the bedroom all by myself and crashed on my bed for a bit.  There's something about me and that bed, I just like being on there after i've eaten breakfast.

After a mini breakfast nap I meandered back into the living room.  Devin asked me if i wanted to go outside or a walk, for the first time since being home with Devin i was overjoyed about going outside.  I started play bowing, nipping at the air, and couch, really anything that was in my mouth path was going in my mouth. Soooo excited!!!

Once on our walk we came upon my favorite grazing place.  I stopped and nibbled away at the beautiful tall green sprouts of grass; making my way around the rock. Do delicious they are!  I wonder if I keep this up, maybe they will hire me for the summer months???  No need to whipper snip, I'd tidy the place right up for them!
In bed - post breakfast
Trying to cover my face - Ugh* Flash

Defeated - back to sleep

Moohound chronicles:

Oh, what do we have here???

nom nom
nom nom please...nom nom nom nom
Day 2 of  half dose of Clomicalm.
So far so good - I think i'm feeling okay.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tiny Steps Towards Recovery....

Guess what I did(n't) do this evening??

Devin did some laundry this evening, the first time out (like last time) I was given a KONG with a few frozen cranberries in there.  There after each time Devin went out to work on the laundry I wasn't given anything. I didn't make a peep; when Devin came back in each time I was found in the hallway with my head resting on the floor just watching the door.  You know something, I think in time I'm going to be just fine.  I will get back on track from whatever it was that spooked me when I was in Toronto months back.

At supper time, before I was given supper Devin attempted to give me the other half of my Clomicalm pill.
Devin thought I swallowed it, but at the last moment I ended up working it out of my mouth and tossed it onto the floor.  Devin wasn't going to fight me on it tonight - it normally isn't a fight actually.   We're going to try something, since i've been good with my KONG distractions, Devin is going to lower my pill to just .5 in the morning time and see how i make out with that change.   Maybe all I need are KONGS to help me through this rough patch.   We shall see...

After breakfast this morning, I went back to bed in Devin's room.  I managed to get caught up on the body pillow.  Devin lets me use it from time to time to keep me from rolling under the bed.

 We went over to see Nana today; when we got there Rye-Lee was sporting his new "Thundershirt".  I think it's working just fine for him. Normally he finds himself on the back of the couch shortly after my arrival; however, today he was hanging out on the arm of the couch.  He even came into the spare bedroom to hangout and was a bit excited; meanwhile, I just laid there. 
Rye-Lee - sporting his thundershirt
Another view of Rye-Lee sporting his new thundershirt
 Devin found a wonderful website with so many martingale collars for me to choose from.  Now comes the difficult task of choosing which one would compliment my ginger hair. :)

Devin was measuring my head and neck to see what size would best fit me.  There never really is a good time to do this.  :)
Which do you think would best suit me?


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Workout Series

Is it winter again?  I'm confused.  We have green grass, but I have to wear my winter coat.  Is Canadian weather always like this??

We went on our morning walk together, not too far. I was excited to get back home to have breakfast. I had a mini case of the zoomies, nothing like the previous days.  I thought i'd give Devin a bit of a break; getting off nights this morning n' all...

I gobbled up my breakfast and quickly found my warm spot on Devin's bed.  The one I'd been working on keeping warm all night.

We got up around noon and went for a walk, once back home Devin started setting up for a the cardio workout.  I decided to plop myself down outside my nest to watch and give support. 

I finally gave Devin some space to workout in....

Back in the nest

 It's almost supper time - yay!  Think i'll nap a bit more before I have to brave the outdoors again.