Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scrub a dub dub - Milo In The Tub

Still recovering from my big day yesterday.  Devin came to check on me a few times; I was laying on the bed.  Devin said I was much like a clock today.  Tick (12 o'clock) Tock (3 o'clock) Tick ( 9 o'clock) (missed the 6 o'clock snap shot).   

We went on our morning walk, I watched an older gentleman walk into the church. I kept my eyes glued on him.   Ever since Devin brought me inside to see Father Mathew, I've had this overwhelming urge to stop and stare at the building/church.  I've given up on trying to walk up the stairs, Devin normally tells me we have to keep moving. 
12 o'clock
3 o'clock
9 o'clock
Devin decided that I needed a bath. Personally I thought I stink pretty :)    There was no disputing the fact that I smelled nice, but Devin was sure there was hidden dirt on my body (from playing and laying on the ground with the twins). 
Devin closed the door to my nest before I could creep off into it.  *le sigh*  I decided to do a lap around the kitchen - COME CATCH ME IF YOU CAN DEVIN!!!
downward dog - maybe if I look cute I can get out of this "bath" thing.

When all else fails - try and disappear BESIDE the crate
I did manage to make my way into the bath.  Devin told me to get on in.  The water was already filled in the tub to soak my tired feet.  In I stepped, one foot at a time.
A little more to the right - You missed a spot Devin
Contemplating the injustices of my life.....

Almost done??

Wow, was I THAT dirty????

Nana and Devin towel dried me off - Hurry up already! You're cutting in on my nap time!
All fresh from my bath - Devin didn't open my "nest" door up right away. 
Giving "the eye"
After a quick Nom Nom on my bone, I napped while Devin and Nana did the dishes.


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