Monday, March 19, 2012

Outside Furnace and Grocery Shopping

Devin and I took off for a walk around noon; I'm soooooo not used to these warmer temps.  Devin asked me a few times if i wanted to turn back, I wanted to keep going forward. 

After we completed the big loop, Devin and I went over to Nana's to grab a quick drink of water.   I cleared Rye-Lee out of a few bowls of water.  *slurp slurp*   I was still panting up a storm so Devin grabbed me a few ice cubes to munch on.  That didn't really help much either.  Nana was nice and gave us a lift home.  I need to work up to walking with the outside heater turned up like it has been.

Once home Devin gave me several more ice cubes, that finally did the trick.  I chilled out for a bit (no pun intended) before heading into town to do "MY" Groceries.   The windows were rolled down, on our drive into town. I must admit, from where I was laying the breeze sure felt nice, it was also full of smells. I was sniffing around at the air that whirled into the truck.
We made our way to PetValue and picked up my food and another box of the dehydrated liver treats. They are my FAVORITE!!  They definitely are high value treats for me; the best ones to get me to come out of my "nest".  *A work in progress*

Devin wants me to tell everyone too that this morning when I was asked to "move" from bed, i got up and shifted around a few times, finally on the last "move" I jumped off the bed.
Normally I'd just go wandered to my "nest", there is no stopping me.  INSTEAD today, as I was walking back to my "Nest" from the bedroom, Devin used the "happy voice" and called me back into the bedroom.
I actually came back!  Devin kept saying "up up up", I popped up on the bed, where normally I would have just got on my own bed and stayed there.   PROGRESS!!  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?? Tell me I can't do something, and I will prove to you I CAN!

Once it cools down some, Devin and I are going to go for an evening stroll. 

On our walk this afternoon - Shadow and I panting
At Nana's munchin' on some ice goodness!
I was afraid to jump into Nana's truck. Devin managed to get me into the back part of the truck where I could lay down. I felt safer back there.
Hmm..Not sure but i guess i'll lay down...
back home - ICE CUBES!
nom nom ice cubes!!!
Finally cooled down
Headin' to town - sniffin' at the whirling wind :)
Checkin' things out
Counting the trees
yeah enough of that - z z z  z
After PetValue we went over to see Melissa and the girls: Angel, Elly and Bella
We almost there yet??
Melissa took meat out from the freezer, we were all eyes!
Observing from the futon

Just before leaving Melissa's I decided to check out Elly/Bella's new crate system.  They've been getting into a little mischief while being home alone.  I saw the crate and thought that it might be for me.  I went in real quick to check things out. Devin and Melissa got me out of there - the girls have a habit of peeing on things i've been on.  Oops
Heading back home...



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