Friday, November 30, 2012

November 30th - Supper! 13oz of goodness!

Devin had to step out earlier today to have the snow tires placed on the truck for us. While on the way out the door I was given 4 KONGS with some yogurt and crushed up pieces of dried liver.

Upon Devin's return home, I was at the door quietly waiting.  Devin brought in a few bags of groceries. My new thing is to poke my head in the grocery bags as they make their way into the house. :D

I waited until Devin had made a sandwich and was about to sit down to eat.  I put in my request to go outside.  Off we went for a nice walk. I didn't have to bundle up nearly as much as I did this morning.  Lots O' pees, but nothing more than that.

This evening Devin pulled out this HUGE place mat for me to eat on top of.  I took the hint that I was suppose to be standing on it; okay maybe not, but really there wasn't many places for me to walk off to. The place was almost wall to wall plastic. haha  Think Devin didn't want the carpets dirty again??

Of course the reality tv crew moved in for my supper time. I'm wondering when every little thing I do will stop being such a production??

I gobbled up my 13oz of chicken leg and sniffed around the area for more. I didn't find anything, so I decided I'd wander off for my post supper nap.

Nana came by shortly after to drop a few things off. It was too cold for her to come on a walk tonight, truth be told I didn't want to go outside either.   When Nana left, Devin worked at getting me outside.  With enough "comecomecome" *failed* and by putting my collars on with a bribe of dried liver, I complied and went to the door.  We bundled up and went for an evening stroll.  I still have quite the limp on from that evil Corn 2 (that half fell out).  Once I got going, I didn't look back.  I took Devin on a long walk.

Here comes the TMI (too much information) part of my walk.   I finally went for a small poop.  Devin called it a "nanny turd". It was nice and formed, and left Devin questioning what was exactly in there.  When we got back to where we drop off my "deposits", Devin mushed it around to see what it looked like.  Apparently one area kind of had the consistency of a piece of chicken skin I had earlier. 

Anyway, Shall see what tomorrow brings. So far so good with my new raw diet.
But, it's too cold to go outside Devin...
Ok.. I'm in place, where's supper?

Supper time video:

Post evening walk - found an old friend when Devin moved our bedroom around for "winter time heating"


Did someone say chicken??? 15oz of goodnes (Oh yeah and big scary things)

Okay first things first:

Wednesday/Thursday quick recap -
Nana came over both days to take me outside. I went outside without a problem.

 I heard Nana talking with "Sophie" (black lab) talking in the hallway, my nose was stuck to the door when Nana came in. I waited a few seconds and off to my bed in the living room I went. I waited for Nana to wash up some dishes and clean my KONGS (it's all about routine for me).  Nana dropped  few snacks in my dish, I grabbed those up without any thought, Nana told me it was time to go out, I happily went along.

I was super sneaky with Nana. Muauahahaha...
When Nana came by I was on my bed in the bedroom, I got tired of waiting for Nana so out I came and stood by my food dish, when Nana turned around I was standing there, waiting for my snack. I think I caught Nana off guard, She didn't even heard me get out of bed and walk down the hall to my dish.  We went outside for short walk, then back in. When Nana went to bring me my KONG, she saw that I was already laying on my towel waiting for what was to come next...KONG!!!  Nana was on the slow side today.  I was one step ahead of her each time.

Devin believes my resistance in going out with Nana on the weekend likely had something to do with my medication being off.
I guess my days of pill hoarding and hiding are over. Devin has been super vigilant in making sure that ALL my pills make it down into my tummy.

Devin came home last night from work to find some arts and crafts in the hallway. I looked on from the bedroom.
arts and crafts, look what I made for you!
 We went out for our pre supper walk when we came back Devin found the rest of my arts and crafts.
I decided it would be a good idea to toilet paper my water dish. I didn't think about how i'd have to drink from there later.  Gotta rethink this one better next time.
yes? I didn't do it.
I had a good supper, then it was time for my foot treatment. Devin put the treatment off for a while as I was quite enjoying my post supper snooze.

Friday Morning:

At around 5am I wandered over and stared at Devin.  I didn't receive much of a response, so I went back to my bed.  Shortly after Devin got up and turned on every light  in the place, okay maybe not every light, but it felt like a reality show was about to go into production here. Little did I know, that a reality show was about to happen, and I was going to be the star.   Devin placed a sheet of plastic down on the floor where my KONG towel normally goes.
Uhm, Devin? You said breakfast, what's this about??
Breakfast! 15oz chicken leg
 BREAKFAST!!!!  (Video)

I did a really good job at standing on my plastic area, Devin asked maybe next time if I focus on chewing on top of the area.  I said, I'd see. :D

Post breakfast photos:
thinking about what I just ate.  Why do all good things come to an end??
in post chicken heaven...
working on a post breakfast nap..If Devin would stop with the flashes already!
 I was having a great 1.5hr sleep when Devin started getting ready to go outside. I heard "comecomecomecomecome"; that's Devin's new "outside time" call for me.  Silly humans...

Anyway, it's -16c in these parts today. Devin bundled me up nice and warm. My ear/neck/snood warmer was placed on my head, followed by my Thera Paw, and coat.  Devin thought at one point before we got outside that it was overkill. That quickly went away when we opened the front door.  My chin hairs had frost-cicles on them! Brrrr  

Le sigh... Winter... Love the snow but the bitter cold No!
Tra la la
On our walk I spotted these scary things that were laying out on a lawn. I tried to back step it outta there.  Devin told me it was okay they were just Christmas decorations, the kind that blow up to be something when they inflate.
I wasn't convinced... I cautiously side stepped, back stepped, then looked straight ahead trying to ignore them. Ya know, maybe if I don't see "Them" err...they won't see me sorta deal??
big scary things on the ground
I safely made it past the big scary things.We ended up walking the BIG LOOP, then cut our way through the baseball field on the way back home. 

So much fresh crisp air, it's now time for another nap.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thera Paws and Pills

This morning Devin got me up and out early. My stomach was gurgling up a storm again.  We went for a nice short walk, I did what I had to do, then we came back for some breakfast. 

A few hours later I was pacing about.  Devin asked me if i wanted to go back outside, off I went running to the door.  We went for a stroll, I ended up leading us through the baseball field.  We met up with Dutchies, she didn't want anything to do with me today.  :(

Thera Paws in the snow:
When the Thera Paw is velcored over there leaves a small hole on the top of the foot.  While walking in the light snow today the snow manage to work its way into my boot and got packed at the toe.  Devin thought my boot was falling off, until a failed attempted at pulling them up revealed I had about 2 inches of snow packed into the toe of my boots.   Devin is going to try and get some material to sew onto the boot in order to keep the snow out.   My Corn 2 foot has been super sensitive since half of the corn fell out.  Lots of limping going on.

Thyroid Pills and Behavior:
While Devin was cleaning up around the apartment today, my secret stash of random pill pieces was found.
Okay, well they weren't many...
Devin found a whole pill on the floor along with half of a pill.  Perhaps this is why I've been acting a little strange these past few days. 
falling off my bed
Not so interested in playing with chicken
probably take a nap..
Evening shred. Devin brought out the newspaper for me to shred in hopes it would make me "happy"

All in all not much going on with me.  Nana comes over tomorrow and the next day. I'll see if I feel like going out then.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Protests and First Snowfall!

Friday night - I went out with Nana for our evening stroll while Devin was away at work. 

Saturday night - Nana came over to take me out, I stood my ground, not wanting to go outside.  I was very comfy up on the couch and didn't want to go outside.   Nana dropped a few treats on the floor in front of me, I stood up on the couch, back feet still on the couch, front feet on the ground, stretching my neck out like the game "Hungry Hippo", I managed to get the treat, and struggled to get myself back up on the couch. 
Nana dropped some yogurt in my dish to see if I'd come with her. I ran to the dish to gobble that up, and then turned around and went back to the couch.  Nana wasn't going to push the issue.  She ended up leaving after trying to get me to go outside for about 30mins. 
When Devin came home in the morning I was pressed up against the door letting out a few cries. Devin couldn't come through that door fast enough. We went on our morning walk, I had huge pees and other "things".

Sunday - Nana came over to let me outside after she was done work.  I wasn't moving from the couch. Nana's feelings weren't hurt, she dropped a few treats in my dish to see if I'd come. I stayed on the couch, didn't even attempt to get the treats while Nana was here.

Monday Morning  - When Devin came home from work, I was found in the bedroom on my bed. Devin tried to get me to get up and outside, I was even told there was snow outside for me to run in. I wasn't convinced that this wasn't a trap to get me outside.  Snow?? Really? It's been so nice here lately.
Monday morning  - I don't wanna move... *yawn*
Devin went out into the kitchen and flipped the lid to my treat jar. I came running out of the bedroom like I was busting out of the starting gate.   On went my jacket and off we went.  Devin didn't lie!   There was snow on the ground and snow blowing around us. I had a greyt time digging, jumping, prancing, and running.
Devin did manage to fall on the road at one point, but bounced back up fast. When I saw Devin go down, i tried to hightail it outta there! 
sniff sniff sniff
shake shake shake
Looking at a leaf??
 When we returned home I plopped myself down on my bed; well half on my bed.
sleeping on a corner of my bed
 After Devin and I had a snooze, we went over to Melissa's. I wandered around in the backyard, and laid down in the snow at one point.  Devin brought me in the house, but I wanted to be outside with everyone.
Headin' to Melissa's
 Devin was trying to take a photo of me from inside the garage. Elly photo bombed the photo. Haha
Elly photo bombing the photo
I found my grazing spot, one of the twins came over to have a nibble with me.   They showed me the wonderful world of eating branches and twigs, I thought I should return the favour.
Grass buffet!
Ms Bella and Me
The ladies fighting for my attention.  I played hard to get
 After hanging around outside, we all came in for a nap.  Too much fresh air.
Me and Elly hanging out on the futon
 After supper, Elly and I made ourselves comfy on the couch together.  It's nice to have someone to kinda cuddle with at times.
Elly and Me napping together on the couch
 All in all it was a wonderful day. 

Devin started me on my 2nd round of my holistic corn med treatment. I get 1 pill for 8 weeks.

Corn 2 is really painful right now. I had a lot of limps on today. It didn't matter if i was wearing my Thera Paws or not.   All part of the process I suppose.

I almost forgot.  Corn 2 broke off and fell out on Nov 23, 2012 at around supper time.
Devin too me for my walk, when we came back in Devin went to give me my treatment.  Only half a corn was in my pad.  Nana checked my boot, it was found inside there.

Photos of Corn 2 since it broke off this past Friday.

 That's all for now,


Friday, November 23, 2012

Sleeping in... Your wish is my command

Guess what? I slept in until 720am this morning!  Before bed last night, Devin asked me if we could PLEASE sleep in tomorrow.  Your wish is my command. :)

Devin rolled over in bed to find me standing and looking, I was greeted with a "Good Morning Milo". I returned the greeting with a playful bark.   Devin got up and fixed me up some breakfast. Yum!

After breakfast I snuggled back down into my bed. Devin asked me a few times if I wanted to go outside, I declined by closing my eyes.  We did eventually get outside for our morning walk.

On our walk we met "Maggie", she's a black medium sized poodle; very friendly she was. We sniffed each other, she zoomed around trying to get met to play, but I stood there with while Devin and her Mommy spoke.  Maggie sure had a rough go at life before she got to her new Mommy.  You'd never know it now though, full of life and zooming about! :)  It's nice to hear happy stories. 

We made our way home, Devin got things ready for work tonight. That meant my KONGS were going to be made up for me.  I laid on the couch licking my lips with a bit of drool forming in the corners of my mouth.  Devin always lets me clean the bowl out after my KONGS are made up.  My favorite is the spoon!
Shiny and tasty!

I had my foot treatment this morning too and my teeth brushed. I feel like it was a spa morning. haha
Devin has my socks on my feet again.  I wonder what life will be like when I don't have to wear the socks and Devin doesn't have to give me my corn treatments anymore... Hopefully I'll find this out soon enough!

Devin managed to snap a few photos of Corn 1 today - post treatment.
Corn 1 looking good, hardly any Corn left in there.  Its fallen out twice so far.
Above photo - last night crashed out on the couch, snuggled into Devin's blankets
Below photo - this morning post morning walk.  About to have some sleepy time with Lambie.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

How much wood would a milochuck chuck....

I woke Devin up this morning at around 5am. It wasn't to go outside, or to eat.  I was sick in the hallway.

How much wood could a milochuck if a milo could chuck wood? The answer would be, not very much.

I almost made it to the doorway area; unfortunately I hit the carpet.  Devin came racing over to me to see what was going on, too late.  I was sick on the carpet. Devin stood there trying to figure out what I got into. There were little twines of grass and a lot of "wood chips".  Who would have thought, that stuff doesn't digest.  Devin told me that was the end of me being a dog while I'm outside.  No more twigs/branches.

I was just trying to do my part in helping to clean my teeth.  My mistake.

I was slow moving this morning, we went for our walk, came back and I crashed for quite a while.
I made myself comfy up on the couch while Devin broke out the carpet cleaner.  The spray cleaner just wasn't cutting it, had to go big.

~Trigger words~
I get excited when Devin says the word "objection".  Devin was speaking a few days back, and used the word "objection" I perk right up and got silly, spinning around.
Devin can't figure what I'm associating that word with. 

Devin took some decent photos of my corns today.  Still working on Corn 2, bit by bit it's slowly parting from the good part on my pad.

Corn 2 photos

Corn 1 - I'm not sure if that's making a comeback or healing itself out.  Either way, my paw is sensitive when Devin massages the oil into it.

I'm limited with the posting of photos lately, I'm running out of space.
Devin still hasn't figured out an alternative.

Last night Nana came over to help Devin bag my chicken.  Devin purchased two big bags of chicken legs for me, weighed them out and bagged them.  Nana wrote "Milo - Weight X.  I believe next weekend Devin is starting me on my new raw diet.  No more processed stuff for me!