Monday, November 26, 2012

Protests and First Snowfall!

Friday night - I went out with Nana for our evening stroll while Devin was away at work. 

Saturday night - Nana came over to take me out, I stood my ground, not wanting to go outside.  I was very comfy up on the couch and didn't want to go outside.   Nana dropped a few treats on the floor in front of me, I stood up on the couch, back feet still on the couch, front feet on the ground, stretching my neck out like the game "Hungry Hippo", I managed to get the treat, and struggled to get myself back up on the couch. 
Nana dropped some yogurt in my dish to see if I'd come with her. I ran to the dish to gobble that up, and then turned around and went back to the couch.  Nana wasn't going to push the issue.  She ended up leaving after trying to get me to go outside for about 30mins. 
When Devin came home in the morning I was pressed up against the door letting out a few cries. Devin couldn't come through that door fast enough. We went on our morning walk, I had huge pees and other "things".

Sunday - Nana came over to let me outside after she was done work.  I wasn't moving from the couch. Nana's feelings weren't hurt, she dropped a few treats in my dish to see if I'd come. I stayed on the couch, didn't even attempt to get the treats while Nana was here.

Monday Morning  - When Devin came home from work, I was found in the bedroom on my bed. Devin tried to get me to get up and outside, I was even told there was snow outside for me to run in. I wasn't convinced that this wasn't a trap to get me outside.  Snow?? Really? It's been so nice here lately.
Monday morning  - I don't wanna move... *yawn*
Devin went out into the kitchen and flipped the lid to my treat jar. I came running out of the bedroom like I was busting out of the starting gate.   On went my jacket and off we went.  Devin didn't lie!   There was snow on the ground and snow blowing around us. I had a greyt time digging, jumping, prancing, and running.
Devin did manage to fall on the road at one point, but bounced back up fast. When I saw Devin go down, i tried to hightail it outta there! 
sniff sniff sniff
shake shake shake
Looking at a leaf??
 When we returned home I plopped myself down on my bed; well half on my bed.
sleeping on a corner of my bed
 After Devin and I had a snooze, we went over to Melissa's. I wandered around in the backyard, and laid down in the snow at one point.  Devin brought me in the house, but I wanted to be outside with everyone.
Headin' to Melissa's
 Devin was trying to take a photo of me from inside the garage. Elly photo bombed the photo. Haha
Elly photo bombing the photo
I found my grazing spot, one of the twins came over to have a nibble with me.   They showed me the wonderful world of eating branches and twigs, I thought I should return the favour.
Grass buffet!
Ms Bella and Me
The ladies fighting for my attention.  I played hard to get
 After hanging around outside, we all came in for a nap.  Too much fresh air.
Me and Elly hanging out on the futon
 After supper, Elly and I made ourselves comfy on the couch together.  It's nice to have someone to kinda cuddle with at times.
Elly and Me napping together on the couch
 All in all it was a wonderful day. 

Devin started me on my 2nd round of my holistic corn med treatment. I get 1 pill for 8 weeks.

Corn 2 is really painful right now. I had a lot of limps on today. It didn't matter if i was wearing my Thera Paws or not.   All part of the process I suppose.

I almost forgot.  Corn 2 broke off and fell out on Nov 23, 2012 at around supper time.
Devin too me for my walk, when we came back in Devin went to give me my treatment.  Only half a corn was in my pad.  Nana checked my boot, it was found inside there.

Photos of Corn 2 since it broke off this past Friday.

 That's all for now,


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