Friday, November 23, 2012

Sleeping in... Your wish is my command

Guess what? I slept in until 720am this morning!  Before bed last night, Devin asked me if we could PLEASE sleep in tomorrow.  Your wish is my command. :)

Devin rolled over in bed to find me standing and looking, I was greeted with a "Good Morning Milo". I returned the greeting with a playful bark.   Devin got up and fixed me up some breakfast. Yum!

After breakfast I snuggled back down into my bed. Devin asked me a few times if I wanted to go outside, I declined by closing my eyes.  We did eventually get outside for our morning walk.

On our walk we met "Maggie", she's a black medium sized poodle; very friendly she was. We sniffed each other, she zoomed around trying to get met to play, but I stood there with while Devin and her Mommy spoke.  Maggie sure had a rough go at life before she got to her new Mommy.  You'd never know it now though, full of life and zooming about! :)  It's nice to hear happy stories. 

We made our way home, Devin got things ready for work tonight. That meant my KONGS were going to be made up for me.  I laid on the couch licking my lips with a bit of drool forming in the corners of my mouth.  Devin always lets me clean the bowl out after my KONGS are made up.  My favorite is the spoon!
Shiny and tasty!

I had my foot treatment this morning too and my teeth brushed. I feel like it was a spa morning. haha
Devin has my socks on my feet again.  I wonder what life will be like when I don't have to wear the socks and Devin doesn't have to give me my corn treatments anymore... Hopefully I'll find this out soon enough!

Devin managed to snap a few photos of Corn 1 today - post treatment.
Corn 1 looking good, hardly any Corn left in there.  Its fallen out twice so far.
Above photo - last night crashed out on the couch, snuggled into Devin's blankets
Below photo - this morning post morning walk.  About to have some sleepy time with Lambie.

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