Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Milo Cam - Testing Testing 1 2 3 ....

Devin set up the camera on the laptop last night to check out things (spy on me) when left alone with the KONGS.

I was a good boy, didn't make a peep once.   There was 13hrs of footage; Devin snipped it down and fast fwd it to 7minutes. 



Monday, January 30, 2012

Flaked out....

I flaked out in my "nest" last night; and stayed there until breakfast time.   After breakfast i wandered into the bedroom and crashed out on my bed. 

At around 9am Devin tricked me. Devin tried to get me to leave my "nest". I wasn't going for anything.
Finally Devin went outside the door, and walked back right back in. I was standing there waiting to go.

Off we went for our morning walk. Slip sliding down the sidewalk. On our way back we took the road.
It felt sooo grety! to have my feet firmly on the ground as I walked back home.

Now that i'm home I think i'm going to flake out for the remainder of the day, really what else is there to do? I'm living the retired life.

Nana is going to come on by later to take me for a stroll (tonight).


Last night

squished up towards the front of my "nest"

Crossed legs

Sometimes I can make my "nest" look too small for me.

head rush? ....
 This morning:

body pillow to keep me from going under the bed.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

This and That

You'll see that I didn't do a whole lot this weekend.  I miss going to the park to run around. The ground has been far too icy/tough for me to run on - without risk of cutting my feet.  I can't wait for spring to come! *le sigh*

Devin left me to go to the Biodome on Saturday.  Photos were brought back; I think they could be a distant relative or something like that; based on the way they were sleeping.

Sleepy with Terry

Yes? Can I help you?

Z z  z  zz
 Biodome - Distant relatives?

Devin and I had a slumber party

Milo sandwich

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ice Storm 2012?

I earned my level 3 skaters badge today!

Devin got me to go outside, It's an ice rink out there today.  We managed to make it to the road without incident.  Rain was coming down, wind was blowing, everything looks like it has been encased in time.
We made our "out" quick before we were ice statues.

I managed to find safe ground to having my morning pee.  The later will have to wait; well until later. Hopefully it clears up soon!


~song~ Paul Simon : slip slidin' away

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lazy Dayz...

Much of the same....
I wouldn't budge for an evening "out" last night.  Devin decided to not force the issue and left me be.

Tonight when Devin arrived home from work, i was stretching and looking at the door as it opened.  
Devin + home = Suppertime!!!

It didn't take long for me to gobble down my meal before retiring back to my nest for the evening.  Devin asked me a few times if i wanted to go outside. My eyes got a "little" big, but my laziness won. 
I'm staying in where it's warm.

Tomorrow Devin is going to call the vet to see about getting me (yet again) different food.  The "Go" brand salmon with oatmeal isn't doing anything for my stomach.  It seemed fine in the beginning, not so much now.

Dr. Janet said that if this stuff didn't work for me I'd have to go on a gastro food. *paws crossed*
I miss my old holistic select brand *le sigh*

Photos from last night:
The Hawthorne snooze

Sleeping - eyes open...

It's hard work - sleeping, eating, pooping , peeing, sleeping eating pooping peeing...................

So thankful for my blue bunny Nana picked up for me (before she knew me)


much like last night. Full belly = greyt sleeps!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Protests - OCCUPY NEST

Devin was home not feeling well today -- that suited me just fine. I got to lay around for the better part of the day. 

Finally it was time to go outside. I say finally but I would have been more than happy to lay around all day. I protested to no end today.  Devin ended up putting on my collar and giving me a tug to get out from my "nest".  I eventually complied - several cranberries later...

We went for a VERY short walk, I did what I had to do, then we drove over to Nana's.  Nana phone wasn't working properly.  We went over there to make sure everything was okay, and to lay in the "recovery" bed.  I curled up with Devin (mainly because Devin had fuzzy pj bottoms on) for a bit and had a snooze.

Papa George meeting Rye-Lee and I at the door -  I was getting ready to go home

Back in the car- Home James!
Meanwhile.... Back home this evening I wouldn't "come" when I was asked to go outside.

I sense Devin is feeling defeated and is going to bed shortly.  I WON!  No outside until the morning.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Devin-cam *Fail

I had a decent day today.  Devin left me alone for about 4 or so hours. Before leaving, the camera was put on me, but Devin failed to hit record a second time to activate the recording. 

The purpose of the camera was to see how I fared after I consumed my KONGS.

There isn't anything else to really report on; another lazy day for me.  What else is new?

My short lived toy.  Devin tossed it down the hall for me to chase. I brought it back to my "nest" where i proceeded to eat the squeaker out of it. Devin wasn't fast enough to get the piece of plastic out of my mouth.  We'll be looking for that in a week.  

So sleepy....

Oh this is the life...

Silly Devin.  After my Toy was taken away from me (the one i ate) Devin decided to try and get me to play with "Terry".  I really didn't have much use for "terry" today.   Devin thought it would be "cute" if i posed with it on my head.  Getting in touch with my "Egyptian" roots.
King Milo

Really Devin? Is this necessary???

Monday, January 23, 2012

Turned around and Pink Footballs

Oh I feel so disorganized.   Devin's night shifts have me all turned around.

I had a few issues Saturday night when Devin went to leave for work.  I had a mini melt down which required Nana to come to my rescue.  I had settled down by the time Nana came near the apartment. Well i settled for a moment then started up a cry.  Nana took me outside.  I had to go to the washroom.  Tummy cramps! Thank goodness for Nana!

Took Devin forever to get me out of my "nest". I was ready to finally go out though.

Saturday night - Giving Devin the eyes instead of going to lay on the "big" bed or in my nest.  Apparently this look is the one i give when i'm going to have some "issues"

Decided to pull my toys out before Devin went off to work

Defeated.  *le sigh*

Yoga - Greyhound sleep poses...

 Where are we going, huh?? huh???
Devin and I brought me to fill up the water jug. On our way home we decided to stop in Petsmart to check out the new store.  I was given lots of attention by the staff and costumers. 

Sweet score!  Pink football. Who says pink isn't for boys??  Devin put back the football on me a few times.
I was pretty insistent on taking it home with me.  Another one for my toy box.  Actually it's staying out in the car. Devin said we can take it to the park with us when we go.
Nom nom nom nom

Crazy face :)

out of breath. that was fun!

We stopped by Nana's on our way home from town.....

I made myself at home :)

 Devin decided now that my tummy seems to be back on track, we'd take out the "training bed" and do some target training.    Note* DEVIN DECIDED.  I wasn't sold on the idea. It's been a while since we've done this.   Devin tried to encourage me out from my "nest".  Trails of "liver" were dropped about.

I did really well today. 
*sat without being asked
*laid down without being asked
*rolled over without being asked
*stayed on my "training bed" while Devin went down the hall telling me to "wait".  Once out of sight, told me to come, and up i  went down the hall.
*roll over became confusing a few times... I worked it out though..

really, are you serious? I think you're up to something. I don't trust you. I'm not going OUTSIDE.



nope... well maybe

Streeeetch nom nom nom

back into my nest...

Nope... I don't wanna

Okay...  Relaxing for a moment after my training session.

And back inside my nest.... Training exhausts me
z z  z zz

 Tomorrow I'll be on my own for a bit while Devin and Nana run the roads.  I suspect a few of my KONGS will be made up to keep me entertained while I'm left to watch the house on my own.