Monday, January 2, 2012

I'll Go When I'm Ready To Go....

Devin tried and tried with all might to get me to go outside this morning.  My collars were put on me, I was still laying in my crate.  Pull, beg, plead, beg and pulled some more.   FINALLY I gave out from the crate.

I took my time with complying, I could see and hear that I was wearing Devin down.  While Devin pulled on the leash and tried to encourage me to come out, I stood my ground.  I WILL GO OUT WHEN I'M READY TO GO OUT; was the stance I was taking this morning.  I looked like like a camel being pulled on to stand up, neck stretched out but my body wasn't budging.   Why go outside when it's comfy and warm where you're at??

When we finally made it outside I had a gigantic pee.  Devin can't figure out why i'd prefer to lay in my nest over going outside when I clearly need to pee.  On our way home I was asked why i protest so much.  I didn't have any answers, I just kept walking.

Devin did some laundry and had to run into town today.   Same ole' Same ole',  Devin left for laundry I cried, Devin came back, gave me a KONG. I quieted down.
Devin went back to tend on the laundry - I cried a few peeps then settled myself down.

When it came time for Devin to head into town, I was given another KONG.  That kept me busy for a bit.
I didn't get into anything while Devin was away; because of my good behavior I was given a few specialty cookies. *NOM NOM NOM*

It's been a rather lazy day for me.  A lot of my time has been spent in my "nest".

It's almost supper time. Devin's been at me for almost 20mins now to "go outside" *UGH* I wish Devin would just give it up. I'll go when I need to go.

Below are some photos taken from when I hung out at Nana's the other day:

Laying under Devin's shirt

Still sporting the shirt - DRINKING up the "special" water.

Curled up on the daybed

Fuzzy blankets and Pj's

I like to lay up against the couch

Tucked in.  LOVE ME PILLOWS!

z  z   zzzz

Covering my face z z  z zzz
Nanook of the north
 Last night at home:

Keeping on eye on Devin, making sure I'm not left alone
 This afternoon:
Zonked right out....

grrrrrrrrr who's that crazy dog?? (sound asleep smiles)

cheeese zzzzzzz z


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