Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Protests - OCCUPY NEST

Devin was home not feeling well today -- that suited me just fine. I got to lay around for the better part of the day. 

Finally it was time to go outside. I say finally but I would have been more than happy to lay around all day. I protested to no end today.  Devin ended up putting on my collar and giving me a tug to get out from my "nest".  I eventually complied - several cranberries later...

We went for a VERY short walk, I did what I had to do, then we drove over to Nana's.  Nana phone wasn't working properly.  We went over there to make sure everything was okay, and to lay in the "recovery" bed.  I curled up with Devin (mainly because Devin had fuzzy pj bottoms on) for a bit and had a snooze.

Papa George meeting Rye-Lee and I at the door -  I was getting ready to go home

Back in the car- Home James!
Meanwhile.... Back home this evening I wouldn't "come" when I was asked to go outside.

I sense Devin is feeling defeated and is going to bed shortly.  I WON!  No outside until the morning.


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