Saturday, January 14, 2012

This and That... I'm getting a new winter coat!

A visit to the vet always wears me out.

Last night:

Devin attempted to get me to go outside.  This is my Are You Kidding Me Face? You want me to go outside in that wickedly cold temperature???
What? You want me to go where???
Yeah, Thanks but no thanks Devin...

Really? Are you going to keep asking me??

I'm not going...

I'm not putting that thing on...

Oh wait, Green Beans??

Nom Nom Nom

Snuck back in, little spots on the carpet are green beans - Devin trying to bribe me out of the crate "again"

Attempt # 3

Evil eyes -It's cold in here Devin!

Hanging out at Melissa's n' Sherry R's.

Angel and me in the corner - lil' eyes watching

and back home we go...

Last night I went outside at around 7pm.  That was the last time until 7am this morning.  Devin had to bribe me outside.  We didn't go very far.  The sidewalks are completely covered and level with the ditches.  My paw froze on me a few times, Devin cleaned it out and off I trucked along.

I refused to go outside until about 3pm-4pm today;  Not even a midday pee.  Devin thought the tummy pills were working great, until tonight.  While we were at Melissa's I had 4 HUGE poops, they weren't the greatest, but they weren't nearly as terrible as they had been this past week.

When we got home from Melissa's tonight Devin went online and ordered me a winter coat and head muff from (if you click on the link it should open in a new window).  Hopefully it comes fast!
It sure is cold out there lately!!

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  1. Hey Milo, Could you ask Devin where she got the cool looking backseat cover thing I see in your pictures? It looks like it keeps the hair away....
    Auntie Tracy