Friday, August 31, 2012

Village Walks

Another early morning - RISE AND SHINE DEVIN!

I woke Devin up this morning with my Jedi Mind Tricks as I like to call them.  We got up around 0524hrs; i had my breakfast and went back to bed until a little after 7am.  I tried to get Devin up by coming and goings from the bedroom.  One of the times when I came back to the bedroom I stood there staring at Devin with my ears perked up into a perfect triangle.   Devin didn't bite, I was told to lay down for a bit.  I stood there for a few more seconds before retiring to my bed. I let out a big sigh.  The sigh didn't work for me either.  Tough crowd today!

Guess I'll just go back to sleep...
 Devin got up a little while after and we went on our morning walk.  I thought we were going to go straight home after we cut through the field, but Devin surprised me.  We went for a walk by the village stores.  My favorite thing to do lately!
 Village stores

 Post office????
We went in to check our PO box - nothing in there for us today.  I stood by the door looking into the actual post office. I could hear movement, but there was no one around.  Those Po boxes still get my attention every time.  It's like a whole other world inside those boxes....voices..lights..air pushing out at me. 
Excuse me, Can you please open the door?
 Back home we came. Devin's been cleaning up the place and getting ready for the weekend of night shifts.  Me, I'm just staying out of the way by hanging out in my nest.  

Devin gave my teefs a good brushing. There was a little blood on the brush, we missed a few days of brushing. Gotta keep up on that!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Corn Treatment and Union Breaks

Rise and Shine Devin!
I was up a little after 5am roaming back and forth from my nest and then to my bed this morning.  Devin got up and served up breakfast.  Then shuffled back to bed.  A few hours later I did the same roaming. It caught Devin's attention. I was hinting at needing to go outside.  When Devin asked me if I needed to go outside, I nipped at the blankets on the big bed and spun around.  

Off we went on our morning walk. Weeeeee
Tra la la - love these Thera-Paws!! I don't miss a step.
Devin trying to be artsy. Hmm.....
More Tra la la' ing
on our way to Nana's house this morning I checked out this "natural garden".  the woman plants neat flowers and plants. I love sniffing!
After stopping in at Nana's for a quick drink and snack, we had a few bursts of energy and ran through the field to get home.
Come on Devin!
tra la la
Checking things out at the park.
We went home and Devin tossed some laundry in to get cleaned. I protested.  Only because as soon as we got in the door Devin grabbed up the laundry stuff and left the apartment quickly. I cried up a mini storm - lasted all of a few cries.  When Devin came back from putting the laundry in, I had settled.  Sophie's mum was coming up the stairs as Devin came out of the laundry room and asked if I was still crying. She said nope :)    See proof it was just a mini meltdown.

After the laundry was washed up, we brought it over to Nana's to dry out on the line.
I insisted on leaning up against the patio stone.
relaxing while Papa George works in the background
quick nap in the grass :)
You can kinda see my scar on my one paw (pink on the skin) from when I decided to try and run through that boulder.
Union break!
Listening to Nana talk to me... hmm...
z z z  - back at home *post supper*
ever feel like someone is watching you??

Devin placed the order for my homeopathic treatment it's coming from Lori Rose she lives in Ireland.  *paws crossed*  There are reported successes with it, here's hoping I am one of those.  Lori is whipping it up for me tomorrow and sending it out too.  Hopefully we will have it within the next 2 weeks.

Gina has offered too to help with me with my treatments.  Devin was concerned about not being able to administer my "day shift" ones.  She offered to watch me during my day shift while she is working; she will give me my treatments as needed too.

I'm surrounded by lots of people who care for me and love me.

Thank you everyone!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Roaming Around The Village

This morning on our walk Devin and I did the big loop. There was a nice cool breeze; can you believe it was only 8C out there?? My Auntie Shelley would have froze for sure!

Lately I've had this obsession with staring down the walkway that leads to the plaza. Devin finally gave in and we walked across the street to get to the path.  Devin said to me, "I don't know your obsession is with this walkway, it's stinky!"  We have to walk past a few big dumpsters.  *hehe*

We turned to walk in front of the little shops in the plaza.  I like to window gaze; there's always this good looking hound looking back at me.   I stopped in front of the post office, Devin told me we couldn't go in there yet, it wasn't open. *phewy*  

We walked around and went home.  It's nice to change up the walking routine, nice to sniff new things.  I'm a little embarrassed to say that I tried to lift my leg a few times on the pillars out front the stores. 
Devin told me that I can't be doing that.  When we cornered around the pub patio,  Devin let me do it there, I was told silly humans probably do it there, so why not.  

Day in recap:
Went for a walk
Came home
Napped while Devin had to run to town
Devin home
Out for walk
Quick "come Milo" training session.  I'm liking these!
Devin attempted to pare my corn on my right pad - Devin held the scalpel, touched my corn a few times, then put it down saying  " i don't feel comfortable doing this, can you sense this??" gave me a pat and was back out the door for a meeting.
Art work
Tossed my bedding about
Devin home - we went for an "out"

Taken the other night - Armpits make greyt nose warmers!
 Work time - KONGS
Nom nom - Have a greyt day at work Devin!
post breakfast nap
Older lady up ahead, I wanted to walk with her. She kept a better pace than Devin this morning!
Stinky walkway
Checking out the storefront
Post office!
Pub patio
Morning KONGS!
Tuckered out from playing - taking a nap with Chicken
Roaching - foot caught in my blanket. I flip flop lots when I sleep
Roachin' Flamingo
Mini ETS
Artwork and bedding
Empty KONGS lined up