Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chicken and Sunday Shred!

Devin joined be in the living room again last night.. I slept in my nest while Devin slept on the couch.
We do this sometimes, It's nice to change things up. 

This morning Devin got up around 6ish to fix me my breakfast. We went back to sleep until about 7am. Again, my Jedi Mind Tricks threw some vibes Devin's way.  Devin looked over the ottoman and saw me laying on the floor, pointing in the direction of the door.  Sometimes I'm subtle with my "out" requests.  I like to think that Devin just gets me and knows when I have to do things. No words are needed.

We went for our walk, but not too far this morning. The sun was already beating down, it was a warm one.  We cut through the baseball field on the way home.  There was a tournament this weekend, The lines were all nicely drawn on the grass. I took stepped right down in a blob of chalk. 
white boot
Later on in the day,  I decided to venture out from my nest. I laid with Chicken.
laying with Chicken
Still layin' Giving Devin the eyes...

Devin thought I looked kinda bored.  Out came the newspaper!!!  While Devin went to get the newspaper I ran back into my nest.  I didn't know what was to come.

Let the Sunday Shred begin!!!
Tryin' to read the comics

 After a few too many flashes of the camera, I disengaged and gave up on the shredding.  Devin got my attention again with Chicken.  I had a grand ole' time!
Polishing my teef
Chicken feet!!!
Chicken had to go to sick bay, I managed to tear a tiny hole in its foot :(  Out came the stuffy. Not as fun!
 Back to shredding!!
Hi :)
After the shredding madness, I tried to get Devin's attention - I had my supper, I wanted to go outside.  Devin still had to eat though.  Patience.... I let out a little squawk, just in case Devin didn't understand what I wanted.  I went back into my nest until Devin was done with supper.

We went on our evening walk, It was still rather hot out there.  I much prefer the cooler temps.
On our walk, Devin practiced the command "come Milo".  I was eager to get back when I heard those two words. I was rewarded with a piece of dried liver *yum*.

I've been okay about putting my boots on, these snacks i'm getting at the door are really trumping my *ack* towards having to put them on.  I fly up the stairs like a master, and slowly walk down with them on.
Post walk - Devin puttered, I made myself comfy on the couch.  *note wet spot to the left* I ate 2 ice cubes, made a mess. moved to dryer grounds. hehe*
 Video* Sunday Shred

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