Friday, August 31, 2012

Village Walks

Another early morning - RISE AND SHINE DEVIN!

I woke Devin up this morning with my Jedi Mind Tricks as I like to call them.  We got up around 0524hrs; i had my breakfast and went back to bed until a little after 7am.  I tried to get Devin up by coming and goings from the bedroom.  One of the times when I came back to the bedroom I stood there staring at Devin with my ears perked up into a perfect triangle.   Devin didn't bite, I was told to lay down for a bit.  I stood there for a few more seconds before retiring to my bed. I let out a big sigh.  The sigh didn't work for me either.  Tough crowd today!

Guess I'll just go back to sleep...
 Devin got up a little while after and we went on our morning walk.  I thought we were going to go straight home after we cut through the field, but Devin surprised me.  We went for a walk by the village stores.  My favorite thing to do lately!
 Village stores

 Post office????
We went in to check our PO box - nothing in there for us today.  I stood by the door looking into the actual post office. I could hear movement, but there was no one around.  Those Po boxes still get my attention every time.  It's like a whole other world inside those boxes....voices..lights..air pushing out at me. 
Excuse me, Can you please open the door?
 Back home we came. Devin's been cleaning up the place and getting ready for the weekend of night shifts.  Me, I'm just staying out of the way by hanging out in my nest.  

Devin gave my teefs a good brushing. There was a little blood on the brush, we missed a few days of brushing. Gotta keep up on that!


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