Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Camp Adventures - New Brunswick 2012 August Misc Photos

I went into vacation mode after my last entry. I didn't bother writing, instead i just enjoyed my days at the camp.

pathway between the two camps
Watching Great Uncle Davey work
In motion, making my way to Camp Robinson
At the camp - We make our own fun. I woke Devin up by finding bubble wrap (walking across it, eating it, popping it)
Took Devin up to the top of the lane
hmm, now what....
back down we go
Clouds rolled in. Lightning and Thunder clapped around us.
 Remorseful nap...... :(  Love you Nana
 Stayed up until 5am. Watched the sunrise... Welcome home Nana!

 Hanging out on the deck...

Oops, slipped off my bed - oh well. Z z z zz
eye spy with my little eye.....

oh, we have to walk all the way back down there?
Looks nasty - It was the first place i plopped down after our walk up and back the lane
water was rough, but Devin got me to move into deeper clear waters
walking the shoreline
Turkey butt!
Chillin' while Great Aunt Myrna did some sewing
Devin went to visit Alpacas. Guess what his name is????  Milo!!!
Truckin' right along

Don't forget me!!! (Packing to head up home)
 Back home

That's it for the family vacation photos of 2012!


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