Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Part Of A Family Tradition

Last night Devin had to head out for a meeting. I was given my usual KONGS to keep me entertained for the first while.  I've been very successful with my separation anxiety and KONG "therapy".  Too bad Devin hadn't figured this one out before me being on that dopey clomicalm.  Ah well, trial and error, eh?

When those KONGS come down, I'm all...Devin, who?? haha
z z z z ... z z z z..... (last night)
This morning Devin woke up I was stretched out against the bed.  Devin often wonders why I have so many "large" things to lay on when half of the time I choose to hang out or off of them.

Even when I rest I look like i'm racing

 Devin didn't want me to have another repeat of when I managed to get myself half stuck under the bed and unable to turn about to get up, so I was flipped on to my other side, and off we went outside for our morning walk.

 After our morning walk it was time to do my foot treatment.  Devin made up my KONGS for tonight while my feet "cooked".  Sometimes when Devin is done making up my KONGS I'm allowed to lick the yogurt out of the bowl. Today I got the spoon too!  Devin said Nana used to give the beaters to Shelley and Devin to lick when she was baking.  I'm part of the tradition now :)
Moving seems almost too much of an effort sometimes...
Phase 2 feet still "cooking" - I love fuzzy things! *zzzzz*
all done, back to sleeping (again)
Here i'm doing my "praying mantis" pose

 And the photo below is why Devin questions why I need a 4 foot + nest to hang out in.  I tend to hang halfway out of it on most days. Pretty lucky to have all of those pillows and soft things to lay on.

 Nana time tonight - Devin works nights for the next couple of days.
See you later on Nana!


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