Monday, August 20, 2012

Inner Guard/Alert Dog and Alone Time (without KONGS)

I've slacked on my entries, I've decided to kinda wait until I have something of more substance to say, or photos to share. 

Devin was laid up for a couple of days, again, that always suits me just fine.  I am more than happy to keep with my nap routine. 

Yesterday Nana stopped in, guess what I found? My inner "guard" dog.  Nana's key isn't cut nicely so it takes her a bit to get into the home.  Devin was in the other room, I bolted from my nest with a tail full of wags and let out a few yelp/bark/roo's. It was really a hybrid of all those sounds.  As soon as Nana made her way inside, I went into my nest. Job accomplished.  

Lately I've been full of  "P n' V".  Perhaps it's the cooler weather or perhaps i'm just settling into my new home life.   Either way, Devin has been getting a real charge outta me. 

Here are a few photos taken over the past few days:

From my pickling session at Nana's

Nana came over to let me out on Friday-  I left an arts and crafts on the floor.

Nana gave me a few liver snacks before heading outside:

Back in my nest, waiting for KONG TIME.

When Nana comes over, one never knows where I will be located.  Nana was panicked not knowing where I was at.  I was curled up on Devin's bed. I blend well.

When Devin came home from work the other morning I was up on the bed, with my arts and crafts left in the door way :)

That's what friend are for..... *shield you from the flash*

Today Devin cleaned all the bedding and stuff around us from the "sickies" of these past few days.  I had a few spit up moments on my Sponge Bob blankie, that got the wash too!  Devin was in and out of the apartment several times tending to our laundry.  One of the times, Devin asked me if i wanted to come; i just stayed in my nest. Devin took that as a cue to head off to Nana's alone to hang the blankets and bedding out on the line.  I didn't make a peep.  Devin normally waits at the end of the hallway near the doors. I didn't make a sound.
Relaxing day

Almost like a body pillow :) 
Doing my mantis leg pose
When Devin came home from hanging the laundry out at Nana's, I was found up on the couch Minding my own business. I didn't get into anything nor did I eat Devin's cap that was left on the couch.   I'd like to add here that i WAST NOT given any KONGS before Devin left me. :)
I was deadbeat tired this afternoon...
foot treatment - snoozed through it

Being that I was so tuckered out, Devin decided to go alone to Nana's to get the clothing off the line. I was given the option to come, I didn't make an attempt to move. Off Devin went.  Still NO KONGS and NO CRYING/ Objections.

When Devin came back though and attempted to go out alone to dispose of the garbage, I was right on the coattails.  Devin put my boots on me, and outside we went.  We weren't out there very long, before Devin and I came back in.  The point of the matter was, I didn't want to be alone, and I didn't want Devin to think i was completely okay with someone coming and going so frequently.   I WIN (today).
snuggles with clean bob
This is the life...warm, soft, comfy blankets, and friends surrounding me.
Finally at around 7pm tonight I decided I'd like to go outside.  I came out from my nest and laid on the floor. That was my cue. I'm very subtle with these things, Devin picks up on my cues though.  Devin told me we had to wait for a few minutes, Nana would be here shortly to come on our walk with us.
Fine..I'll wait...
I look like i belong in the British book of smiles here...
 I had a wonderful walk with Nana and Devin. We walked the big loop tonight, I was full steam ahead!
home sweet home
That's it for today!
Tomorrow I go see Dr. Nat for my Chiro appointment. I haven't been there since June *eep*
I think Devin is calling the vet in Ottawa tomorrow to see what we can do.  Dr. Nat says he's great with behavior issues too.  Maybe he can help me solve the issues I have with my Nana.  Shall see.


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