Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Camp Adventures - New Brunswick 2012 July 31, 2012

July 31, 2012

I hung out in my bunk bed last night.  Later on in the morning I ended up in Devin's bunk. Somehow someone else's bed always feels better. I even stole Devin's pillow.

When we went on our morning walk we met up with Katie the Doberman.  She's really friendly with me; just stands there and sniffs me and lets me sniff her face.

We walked up the road a little bit before turning back.  I went into the lake for an morning lounge.  The water was nice and warm yet cooling.  I didn't go zoomie on Devin this time.

The better part of the day I spent in the camp and out on the deck in my fenced in area.  I'm enjoying all this fresh air.

When I was in the camp i hung out with Cousin Raya. She napped on the chair while I hogged the couch to myself.  I've been roaching up a storm here.

Devin did an evening foot treatment on me.  My corns look like they are popping out or rather at least showing themselves more since I had them pared down.

Note * I've almost learned how to remove my boots.  Specifically I grab hold of the velcro band that goes around the boot and pull at it with my teeth until it starts to come free.  I only do this with one of the boots.  (Corn 2 boot)

That's really it for me.


Raya n' Me
munchin' ice cubes on the deck
 Stay tuned...

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