Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nail Trims and Pickling

Last night Devin and I went for  a late night walk. We did the big loop!  It was nice to get out and stretch my legs with the sun not shinning down on me.

This morning I went out and did my thang.  When I got home I went straight into my nest, kicking up my pillow behind me to create a bit of privacy wall.  So much for keeping that camera flash away from me!
privacy wall ~fail~
I had my morning foot treatment.  The battle of the corns continue.
darn corns!
 Devin closed the door to my nest.  The time was too close to my pedi with Gina, Devin I guess didn't want to have to work at getting me out from there.  Good idea.
Squeezed behind Devin. z z z  z
 Heading to Gina's.

 Gina was really nice to me.  She gave me a cookie after I had my nails done. I sat and gave her 5 and 10.
After the cookie, I made myself at home on the floor while Devin discussed my latest "non-greyhound" tendencies.   Gina was talking with her hands up in front of her. I was laying on my side and started to try to give her 5, thinking she had a treat.  I thought I was being all fancy doing tricks I wasn't asked to do.

 After Gina's, we went over to Nana's. Devin had to wash/clean/prep the cucumbers for Nana.  She's going to make the pickles tomorrow. Rye-Lee for the most part stayed on the back of the couch.  At one point he got down, came into the kitchen, then went to go back into the living room. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me laying on my "bed".  Maybe he remembers that one time He decided to come sniff my bed a little too close on one of my sleep overs at Nana's (you might remember that from the blog where I got kicked out of Nana's daycare) and I barked up in the air.  Nana was going to help him to get back to the back of the couch, but Devin told her to let him work it out.  He did (as he did many other times that day), and walked by me, hopped up on the couch and stayed on his perch.

Devin brought out the newspaper for me to have a go at it again.  I was good until the camera came out, then I kinda shied away.  When will Devin learn that I don't care much for that flash/light on the camera?? 
 Weekend of days coming up.  Nana will be here to check on me.


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