Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nana's Daycare Service

Nana came to let me out today; I asked Nana if I could go over to her place for the afternoon, Nana said SURE!

Off we went to hang out with Rye-Lee and Papa George for that afternoon.  I've been real sneaky with my "counter surfing" techniques.  I almost landed me a banana from the kitchen table.

*note to self*  Work on being more stealth in the new year.

After work Devin came to gather me up. We went on a walk together, Nana came along too.  So far this winter I want to lead the way. I'm full of P n' V.  So much to smell and smell again..and again and again...

Just after our walk, Devin loaded me into the truck;  I settled in for my LONG drive back home *hehe*

Crammed up against Devin's work bag

Devin was getting into "normal" clothing and heard me get into something.  I haven't seen Devin move that fast before.  I could see the relief on Devin's face when it was figured out that I was only pulling a selected toy out of my toy box.
Squeaky toy that caused Devin to run

Exhausted. I played for 3 mins

Terry and Me

Look at my winter feet!  I grew the hair between my toes ALL BY MYSELF :)

Terry and I again.

Nana is coming over tomorrow (again) to take me over to her place tomorrow afternoon.  Devin has already set aside my food to go with me.  To Nana's house we go :)  We're all going to have a New Years Supper together.  

Gotta go


Friday, December 30, 2011

Milo's Arts & Crafts - BLAME "TERRY" (pterodactyl)

Nana came over around noon to check on me. We went outside for a short walk; on our way back in Nana realized she didn't have the house keys to get back in.  We ended up stairs at a woman's house (No stranger danger, Nana knew who she was) Nana had tea and a hermit cookie. I minded my manners :)

Silly Nana then remembered that she had keys still for the car, so off we went to Nana's house! *YAY*
Papa George had to go down to Devin's work to pick up the keys so I could go back home before Nana had to go to work. Phew* lots of running around.

Nana gave me my KONG just before leaving me.....

When Devin came home to find that I had a bit of a mess waiting on my towel.  I decided that i'd take it upon myself to try and knit something.  I'm all paws, and became frustrated - tore the packaging from the yarn, pulled the knitting needle half out of the project Devin was working on..... Tossed a few dryer sheets in the air.

My cover was going to be "blame Terry" the stuffed toy...He made me do it.

Knitting disaster

Er Hi.  What ?   It was Terry!  I was inside my "nest". He did it!

Then came time to put those darn blue things on my feet. I laid there like a deer caught in the headlights.
Still traumatized by the face plant and slide I did last night while wearing those darn red boots. *ugh*
I laid like this for a good 4mins...

Devin trying to dress me....

Okay, head in....

Still not moving....

Devin did manage to get me up and moving.  We went for our usual walk and bolted back home. It's freaking cold out there tonight!  -20c i'd say with the wind. brrrrrr  we were both happy to get inside.

Off to my "nest" is where i slinked off to... Thinking I'll spend the night out here again.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Milo On Ice.... *Ice Capades Ready - I am NOT*

Wow..  What's with all that slippery stuff out there??

Devin and I went for an afternoon stroll or should I call it a roll?
We walked towards the baseball diamond, Devin tried to get me to go over on the side of the sidewalk where there was more snow than ice; Good thing I didn't.  Devin forgot that there was a ditch in that area.

NEAR FACE PLANT*  Up to the upper thigh in a snowbank.  Could you imagine if I listened to Devin?? Haha.  Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut.  We walked a little past the diamond; I was hell bent on walking down the sidewalk, as slippery as it was.  I was very "dainty"; with the few exceptions of my feet almost going out from under me, I maintained decent pose.  It didn't take long for me to learn that I can't take my usual strides when walking. 

I had a bit of a mini melt down when Devin tried to get me to go through the field.  The snow was low, but I managed to get some between my toes.  I DID NOT LIKE THIS ONE BIT. I let out a lil cry; Devin quickly cleared out my feet and told me that we were going home.  I was picked up and walked carefully to the road.  Luckily here in the village they use a sand/dirt/gravel mix on the road.   I was told when we got home that from here on out the boots ARE GOING ON, and there was to be no debating the matter.  *le sigh*
Summer?  How many more day until Summer?

173 days until summer!!!! :)

I don't think we posted these ones yet:
These backseat photos were taken the other night when I had my sleep over at Nana's.

Please can I go to work with you?

Today:  We had a lazy day.  It's been too cold really to go anywhere.  Decided the next best thing would be to hang out in bed.

 After being relocated to my bed.....


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cold Canadian Winter - Finally Getting A Taste

The temperature really dropped here today.  I'm finally having a taste of what a "True Canadian" winter is all about.

Fully white snow
Smooth snow packed ground to walk on

Ice - Sure is slippery!
Chunky snow/ice, uneven ground

It took some convincing this evening to get me to go outside.  When I finally gave in, I peed me a river.
Devin really isn't sure how or why I do what I do.

In order to get me outside most days Devin has to do the following:
last resort, bribery  (most times it works, still need convincing)

Which you know is really odd, because once I'm out there I flow like a river.  I've had Devin stand there with me for nearly 5mins while I pee up a storm.  I think what it comes down to is, most days i'm just far too comfy to even consider moving. Meh*

Last night I spent the night at Nana's.  She went picture happy on me, I felt like I was at home with Devin.

Hanging out in the kitchen

Found my comfy spot

Papa George giving me some lovin'

Can we go outside??

Rye-Lee, Papa George and Me at the snack cupboard!

Papa George packing my....err I mean his lunch for work

All eyes on deck
Busted!  oops...

LOVING cooler water at Nana's.

Papa George being silly.  I think he missed his calling in life "horse jockey".
Either I'm really tall or Papa George is really short. I'll let him argue that one....

Cuddled in and Sleeping under Devin's shirt that was packed in my overnight bag for me.

Rye-Lee in his safe spot between the chair and the wall.  Everyone having a nap...

Hangin' out with "Terry"

Found my spot on the day bed.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Recovery and Blanket Stealing

Well into yesterday afternoon I was still recovering from the excitement of my First Christmas:

Much the same today:

Devin is packing me up to spend the night at Nana's.  We're suppose to get some nasty weather over night.
Before jumping into the shower Devin brought my bed into the living room for packing.  When Devin came out from the shower I was laying on top of a blanket that normally lays under my pillow to give me some extra padding and to stop it from slipping around when I get into it.   It was a lot of hard work pulling that out into the living room. I didn't even unfold it!

Time to go!


Monday, December 26, 2011

Blah Days

This pretty much sums up my day...

I woke Devin up at around 7am with the "dry heavies".  Devin bolted up trying to cover the surfaces around me so I wouldn't make too much of a mess.  False Alarm.

We went outside for our morning walk, came home, ate breakfast, crawled back into bed (on and off).
Devin managed to get the laundry done.  I did protest a few times, just a few little cries... I managed to settle myself down and plopped down in the hallway watching the door for "the return".

Oh, I did play catch with Devin...Then I returned to the bedroom for a nap.   Christmas sure has tired me out. I think i'm still recovering from the excitement of yesterday.



On "my" bed

snuck into bed with Devin last night


Sleepy today

More snuggles....