Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, No.... It's SUPER MILO!!!!

When Devin came in from work this morning I was found warming up the bed.  I laid there staring straight ahead.  I might have very well been sleeping. Us grey's have been known to sleep with our eyes open from time to time.  Nonetheless, I wasn't overly excited to get up and leave the comfy warm bed when i was continually asked to "go outside, wanna go outside, lets go poopies".  I'd think after the first question was asked with a failed attempt that would mean "no, not interested, thank you".  Humans...hmpft*

The bed was nice and made, I had to remake it to my liking :)

Devin went off and ignored me, shortly after I slinked out of bed and came to the living room. I was alllllll stretches;  Downward Dog's all the way.  I was like a seesaw, up and down, back and forth..
Front stretch, back stretch.   I finally concluded my stretching by laying down.  I was wiggling on the floor and nipping at my fuzzy blanket  Devin told me I was a fool and that we needed to go outside.

Here I protested....

Super Milo!

Yeah, really... I'm not feeling it Devin!

We did end up going outside.  Thank goodness I didn't have those silly boots on my feet like yesterday. ugh*
I walked a mile a minute. Devin had a hard time keeping up with me.  The colder it gets the more spunky/peppy I am with my step.  I was ready to bolt for the door on our way back, but I was diverted to the back to toss out my business.  No limping either. I normally hobble like an old man across the parking lot. I HATE the pavement *icky on my feet*.  this nice light snow dusting stuff is the bomb!

Okay, that's all from me.


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