Thursday, December 29, 2011

Milo On Ice.... *Ice Capades Ready - I am NOT*

Wow..  What's with all that slippery stuff out there??

Devin and I went for an afternoon stroll or should I call it a roll?
We walked towards the baseball diamond, Devin tried to get me to go over on the side of the sidewalk where there was more snow than ice; Good thing I didn't.  Devin forgot that there was a ditch in that area.

NEAR FACE PLANT*  Up to the upper thigh in a snowbank.  Could you imagine if I listened to Devin?? Haha.  Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut.  We walked a little past the diamond; I was hell bent on walking down the sidewalk, as slippery as it was.  I was very "dainty"; with the few exceptions of my feet almost going out from under me, I maintained decent pose.  It didn't take long for me to learn that I can't take my usual strides when walking. 

I had a bit of a mini melt down when Devin tried to get me to go through the field.  The snow was low, but I managed to get some between my toes.  I DID NOT LIKE THIS ONE BIT. I let out a lil cry; Devin quickly cleared out my feet and told me that we were going home.  I was picked up and walked carefully to the road.  Luckily here in the village they use a sand/dirt/gravel mix on the road.   I was told when we got home that from here on out the boots ARE GOING ON, and there was to be no debating the matter.  *le sigh*
Summer?  How many more day until Summer?

173 days until summer!!!! :)

I don't think we posted these ones yet:
These backseat photos were taken the other night when I had my sleep over at Nana's.

Please can I go to work with you?

Today:  We had a lazy day.  It's been too cold really to go anywhere.  Decided the next best thing would be to hang out in bed.

 After being relocated to my bed.....


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