Friday, December 23, 2011

I Made A New Friend Today - Fun In The Snow (complete with video)

I had a GREYT time at the park today.  We were alone at first then "Oliver" the 3yr old Springer Spaniel came to play.  We ran around together.  I think I shocked Devin, as only one other dog at the park was able to engage me (only happened once).  We ran after each other for a few minutes, then we chased balls that his Daddy and Devin tossed.  I didn't mind running around with my jacket on today.   I did lay down a few times, and Devin told me that I didn't have enough hair on my tummy to keep me warm. hfmpt* and here I thought I was growing it back at a nice rate...

We were there for some time before heading home; I wonder if I'll get to play with Oliver again?

Here are a few photos and a VIDEO from today. 

Cold Day On The River.... Ship Passing By
Merry Christmas :)

Model Pose 1

And I'm off!

Managed to find my white ball that was tossed onto the white stuff.  Devin really didn't think this one out. ha

Model Pose 2

Model Pose 3

Model Pose 4 - Working on my Beekman boys Model Walk/Pose

Take off

Come Back

Model Pose 5

Checking out the rocks

Good sniff

Where are you going Devin??

Small but mighty is the mustard seed. It can move mountains..... :)


Model Pose 6

Time To Go Home....

I'm pooped!

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