Thursday, December 1, 2011

Training Devin - wrapped around my paw

I was a bit turned around this morning when Devin went to leave for work (training). 
The time was off, the routine was off.  I was okay for a moment when Devin faked me out by putting a work t'shirt on. I settled into my bed.  Then got up to see what was going on while Devin ate breakfast.
That unsettled concerned look earned me a KONG.  I sure have Devin trained!

I was given the KONG then Devin disappeared for the day :(
Nana came by to take me out this afternoon.  Nana things i'm trying to kill her.  I take Devin on short walks, meanwhile I take Nana on the full loop most days. hehe

When Devin came home we had some playtime together.  I chased Christmas Snake down the hall and back, then we played with the KONG stick.  Devin managed to get me to lay down with a verbal command.
It took a few requests to get me to do that task; I was confused and paced a bit before it "clicked" with what was expected of me.  I laid myself down and was rewarded with lots of scratches and praise.

We did some Target Touch training this evening too.  Devin tried something different towards the end of our session.  Devin tried to get me to touch Christmas Snake instead of Devin's hand.  I wasn't too sure about that one.  Something new for us to work on together.  Maybe I can become a helper dog??  Visit nursing homes??? I'd be great to lay with people.  I'd be in heaven bed surfing!!!   Hmmmm....
Perhaps that is something I could work towards.

Random*  I've taken to relocating Devin's fuzzy (fuzzy in below photo) when left alone.
Today when Devin came home It was dropped near my toy box.  I guess you could say I got tired from dragging it from our bed out into the living room.  I'm trying to earn my keep. It's hard to fold clothing when you're all paws....

Me last night.  For the Love Of God Devin turn off the bedroom light!


How about now?

Le Sigh

This evening we went for a drive over to Nana's....

Uhm, Hello? Are you going to leave me in here all night??? (Devin covering up the windshield)

Back at home.... Home Sweet Home....



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