Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Came Early This Year!

I was given an early Christmas present today.  Rye-Lee picked me up "Pawz".  They are rubber balloon type things that go on my feet to keep the ice/salt (bad winter things) from getting on my paws.

Checkin' out the boots... (nibble)

OH good gawd Devin, really??

Nose squishy.  (my new thing I like to do)

Devin and I are going to head up to to see Dr. Janet on Wednesday. I'm running low on my Clomicalm.
We're going to drop off a urine sample (for that specific protein test) and see about lowering my dosage.

I'm nowhere near to how I was before I started the medication; so we shall see what Janet has to say.

Almost bedtime 


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