Sunday, December 25, 2011

Figuring Out Christmas - (Christmas Part 2: Nana's)

A little light reading....

Okay I'm ready to go
We went over to Nana's for supper.  Nana had to work 12hr days, so we waited until she came home to open up our gifts/stockings. 

For some reason Rye-Lee has taken to playing shy with me again....

I'll just lay by myself
 After supper I went for a walk....  Fluffy White Snow!!!
Devin keeps telling me it's just "cold sand".  Maybe sometime this week we can get out to the park again.

Back at Nana's - The stockings came out!!

Rye-Lee watching from far

Hmmmm...How do I get into this?

A little help please?

MINE! :)
Rye-Lee standing atop a present

Mini stocking within a stocking!! :)

Arf'ul good (salmon snackers), gourmet cookies, and tooth paste!
E.T. phone home.... Checking things out

Nana, Me (Milo) and Rye-Lee
All eyes on Nana

Er, Hello

Inspecting the Christmas Paper.  CRINKLE!!!

Uncle Jimmy's Fruit Cake Box

Helping Papa George

You miss something Papa George

Can I eat it?? - Nana took it away from me.

Not too shabby for my first Christmas haul.  I wonder how everyone else made out???


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