Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Sleep Over At Nana's - December 16, 2011

My overnight stay at Nana's, Papa Georges and Uncle Rye-Lee's house....

I played my cards just right so that Devin would worry that I would make a fuss when Devin went off for work.  I heard Devin "call" Nana.  YES! off to Nana's for the night.  I was most cozy and content; I even went to the door when I needed to go "out".

It was a nice fluffy snow coming down from somewhere. I walked Nana to the "Penny" church and did my thing, then walked her right back to her place.  I had a very comfy bed to sleep on.  I made sure I got there 1st and got the best spot.  right across the middle of the bed.  Nana curled up at the foot and I slept like a baby until I heard Devin come in.  Must say I was glad to see Devin.  When Devin finally got me outside, i wasn't sure I wanted to leave. I stood there staring at Nana until Devin said "Let's go".  I must remember how i acted so I can stay at Nana's again.

Nana went camera crazy on me....

Nana thought I was chilly - She covered me up :)


And.... I'm out cold.

Hiding under the pillow

Snuggled in - all ears

Body pillow - cuddle

Laying in the spot I left for Nana to sleep on.

Fashionable -  Maybe I can get PJ's in this size???

Roamin' around the kitchen

Neck support :)


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