Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To Nana's House I Go....

Last night I was completely fried after my visit at "Uncle" Gary's.  I spent the night out in my "nest" sleeping I couldn't be bothered coming into the bedroom to sleep.  I love the coziness that my "nest" provides for me.

The weather was suppose to be pretty bad here today; lots of freezing rain.  Nana came by to pick me up this morning to save her from coming out in the nasty weather later on in the day.  I had a greyt day at Nana's.   Papa George is slowly coming around.  He wasn't too sure of me at first, and still is a bit afraid.  We're slowly becoming friends.  I know Papa George will come around.

Papa George was told it was okay to feed me banana.  He was a bit afraid that I'd take off his fingers. Nana reassured him that I was more gentle than Rye-Lee.   I proved her right :)

Hi Papa George, May I have a piece?

Papa George sharing a piece of banana with me. YUM! 

Curled up - Z z z z

I found Nana's bed and made myself comfy.  Nana thought I looked sad today. She came in here a few times to sit with me.  :)

Sad eyes...
Hanging out with Rye-Lee on the day bed.

Covered up. Nice and warm :)

Snuggling with a fuzzy blanket

Found the day bed on my own....

Z z z z   quiet time....

THEN - Devin came and picked me up from Nana's.  Have I mentioned today how much I can't wait for our truck to be back???  Who drives cars nowadays???
I need more leg room - Blah

Supper, Pill, Nest, Sleep - all in that order.  It's tiring being away from home.


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