Monday, April 30, 2012

Frozen Chicken Foot ~video~

Battle of Two Wills - Devin 1 : Milo 0 ~ a loss of privileges ~

I'll start with my morning, like every other morning, breakfast, bed, up for a morning walk, back home, relax, sleep.
Uh, Hello? I'm waiting patiently for us to go for our morning walk.  Are you coming?
So tired, long walk...

Devin closed up my nest on me, I came running out into the living room to see what was going on.  My KONG towel was down, but no KONGS were insight.  Devin gave me my first frozen chicken foot.  I laid down on my towel and went to town on that thing. It didn't take me long to gobble that up.
Oh, what is this??? Don't mind if i dooooo
oh my! this is tasty!
What if i look all sad n' stuff, can i have another??
I went between the couch and the bedroom, then back out on the couch. I curled up in a tight little ball, then all of a sudden jumped off the couch and jogged down the hall.  Devin asked were I was going in such a hurry.

Devin gave it a little bit then came in to check on me.  I was laying at the foot of the bed with the bean bag (heating thingy Devin has been using) between my front feet.  Devin went to take it away from me and that's when it happened....

I snarled my lips back as far as they could go, I guess I had kind of a menacing growl going on. Devin didn't take kindly to that. Another attempt was made to take it away, I went a little loco with the growls and snarls, i made small/short contact on Devin's hand.  At that point "It was on like Donkey Kong".  Devin in a raised voice told me no, and to get off the bed.  I was being protective over my new find. No way was I going to get off the bed.  Devin told me to MOVE OFF NOW - I was resisting though, that bean bag was of high value to me aka a snack; there was no way that was going to be taken away from me.  Devin managed to flip the blankets around the bean bag while I hunched over it trying to protect my find.  I was scooted off the bed down on to my bed. I sat there on my bed, with a slight defiant look in my eye until I was told to lay down, I laid down when i was told to do so. Still not sure what the big deal was all about.  Devin gave me the stare down until I looked away.

Devin's bean bag "heating pad" - I mistook this for a snack. I thought Devin left this in bed for me to nibble on.
small pinch mark, but still, contact was made.  :(  I'm sorry Devin.  The bean bag was high value to me. I thought you were trying to take away my "snack".

Out came the vacuum my "mess" was taken care of.   Devin poked at me while I was on my bed, checking my mouth and just touching me. I think Devin was trying to prove a point; just because it's considered "my space" doesn't mean it's leave me alone area.

We went for a short walk outside for me to stretch my legs and for Devin to brush a few lbs of fur off from me.  I feel great now!

Once back in from our walk I went into the bedroom and looked/thought about getting up on the bed.  Devin quickly told me "no" and told me to lay on my bed.  I turned around walked out of the bedroom and went to lay in my "nest".

Couch and Bed privileges have been revoked until further notice.  I was told that respect is earned, so is privilege, they just aren't given. 

Oh another note, Devin called and got an appointment with the Chiropractor. I go tomorrow at 1200pm.
Anything is worth a try to get my limping under control.  Maybe next we can enlist someone to give me a massage?? haha   Oh the life of a retired athlete.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sympathy Pains and Drama Queen Ways

After Devin got in from work last night we just kinda laid low.  We went for our evening stroll and ended up over at Nana's.  Nana took pitty on us both and drove us home.   Devin with a twitchy (right side) neck and Me with my lame right leg; I guess we were a sight to see that Nana didn't feel confident that we'd make it home in one piece.   I heard Nana and Devin saying that I was maybe pulling having some sympathy pains or just being my dramatic drama queen self.  At any rate is scored us a ride home. hehe

Rumor has it Devin is going to make an appointment for me to get my heart worm test and flea/tick meds done in the near future.  We may just go down to visit Auntie Shelley, Uncle Mat, and Cousin Parker in Florida this coming winter - I know, it's a long ways away yet, but we are starting starting to make sure we have the necessary papers to get me to and from Florida without hassle.

Just another loafing around evening.  Devin brushed my teeth. Always nice to have a fresh mouth in the morning or at night. Devin broke out my old tooth brush and had a go at my teeth with it.  I wanted to eat it. Devin let me chomp around on it a little bit, in between licking the brush.  Gotta have some fun, right?

That's about it for us tonight.  Devin has an appointment for that twitchy neck tomorrow and is going to see about getting a hold of Dr. Nat (chiropractor), maybe that might help my right shoulder/limp.

Until then, Nite nite :)


Hanging out on the couch with Devin - both kinda laid up last night

relocated to the nest
Tonight - mini play session prior to teeth cleaning. cheeeesssseeeee :D

Friday, April 27, 2012

I Shall Title This "The Mantis"

I had way too much excitement yesterday; with my new collars coming in and all, it completely tuckered me out.   So much that I ended up on the big bed doing "The Mantis".   The mantis is where I lay on my back, with roached rear legs, while I curl in my front feet.

Observe below:

z z z z
Teef Photo for my Great Auntie Carolyn
I picked this move up from Devin.  Half your face smeared on your arm while you sleep look
Side roach
Caught a few Z's at Nana's.

Devin came into the room last night only to find me in half roach/mantis pose with my face pressed into the closet door.
what is it? I'm trying to nap here.  You know it's 7pm right?
z z z z z 
tonight I hide in my "nest" while Devin worked out.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

"You Got Mail" I GOT MAIL!!!!!

I Got Mail!!!

We went for our morning walk, checked the post office, nothing was in our po box, we went inside to see if maybe the package hadn't been processed yet.  Out came the post lady with a HUGE smile on her face and told me that my package was in!  I think she was equally excited for the arrival of my package as Devin and I were.   She gave me lots of attention and kind words; we let her go back to work, and off we went to open the much anticipated package.

Once at home, Devin gave me the package to open. I nibbled the corner of the envelope, I needed a little help to open that, Devin opened it up and let me explore the contents.  I pulled out the tissue wrapped items piece by piece.  I wasted no time shredding through the paper.  I LOVE PAPER!!!!

My new collars fit amazingly.  I wanted to nibble on those, but Devin told me they were for wearing, not eating.  Ingrid makes beautiful collars!  Devin helped me post a link on the side bar, in case anyone was interested in checking out her work.  It took us 10 business days (we live in Canada) to receive, them. It was well worth the wait!  They fit me perfectly! 
Zonked out - Relaxing can be so tiring
Looking inside the PO Box - Helllloooo, anyone in there?? I hear you, but I can't see you
Back at home with my "well worn" collar.  Thank you Nan and JP for giving me this one, I certainly got my use out of it!
I've I'm ready for my photo shoot, lets get this started!
Trying to open my package. A little help please?
I've got this all figured out!

Modeling my lizard collar  while shredding
Busy shredding - Wearing my flip flop collar :)
With my loot - (L) flip flop collar (C) Fall Harvest (R) Lizards
Modeling my Fall Harvest Collar :)
My new collars :)

I was having fun rolling around on the shredded paper, I did manage to stop for a moment for Devin to take my photo :)
Is there more inside??
I'll take a look, if you don't mind...
Sporting my new fall harvest collar - Tra la la
Back home from my walk - Zonked  Z z z z

It's a greyt day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Love Days Off

Devin and I hung out together today.  I love it when we get to hang out; ya know, when work doesn't pull Devin away from me :)

We went on a few walks together, hung out, laid around, played a bit, walked some more, stopped by to say hi to Grampa George, met Nana on our way home from our walk.  It was just a chillin' sorta day.
Still no mail for me :(

Giving Devin the eye
Maybe if i ignore you you'll stop flashing that thing at me.
hangin' out on my end of the couch.  A few times Devin had me get off, just to make sure I wasn't getting too "comfy" with my "space".
z z z
squinty eyed look

 PS - Since being completely off my anxiety meds, i've had tons of energy.  Don't get me wrong, I still sleep the same amount in the day, but when i'm up and outside - look out!!!! zoooomiiiesssss and tail wags for everyone! I'm definitely more alert and wanting to interact with others :)


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wait for me!

While out on my morning walk we ran into a couple of joggers.  Nice ladies, I wanted to keep pace with them.  Devin said we couldn't, we had something else we had to do first, then it was home for breakfast.

No fun.

wait for me!!!!
Spent the day bed hoping, couch, nest, my bed, hallway, door way; it's been a rather restless day.

Back to normal tomorrow.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Where'd All The Sprouts Go?

I slept in until about 730am this morning.  I'm sure Devin was thankful for that; we got up I had my breakfast, then we went back to bed for a little less than an hour. 

Devin checked the weather info before we got dressed for our morning walk.  It was on the chilly side, so I was bundled up in my winter coat.  A peek out the window showed there was snow on the ground!

I got to the top of the stairs to go outside, took a few steps out, looked at the white stuff and hesitated.  Where did all my sprouts go??? My green yummy sprouts where all covered up in a blanket of slushy snow.

A few steps into the white stuff and I quickly forgot about my sprouts.  The zoomies took over my body. I was jumping around and prancing about in the white stuff.    We walked to the end of the block, I did what I had to do, then turned around for home.  The wind was whipping about and the rain was coming down too.

Back to the warmth of my home sweet home.   Devin stepped out for a bit and checked with the post office. Still no mail for me :(

Another lounging day ahead of me- The weather is too miserable to be out in.


Where's the sprouts???
cold and wet from the rain and snow -- Lets go in and warm up!