Friday, April 27, 2012

I Shall Title This "The Mantis"

I had way too much excitement yesterday; with my new collars coming in and all, it completely tuckered me out.   So much that I ended up on the big bed doing "The Mantis".   The mantis is where I lay on my back, with roached rear legs, while I curl in my front feet.

Observe below:

z z z z
Teef Photo for my Great Auntie Carolyn
I picked this move up from Devin.  Half your face smeared on your arm while you sleep look
Side roach
Caught a few Z's at Nana's.

Devin came into the room last night only to find me in half roach/mantis pose with my face pressed into the closet door.
what is it? I'm trying to nap here.  You know it's 7pm right?
z z z z z 
tonight I hide in my "nest" while Devin worked out.


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