Saturday, April 7, 2012

Early Easter Gifts

Today Devin and I went down to petvalue to pick up a new feeder for me, and while we were there we checked out the life jackets they had in stock.   I ended up coming home with one of those too.
Devin is going to try and get me to swim down at the camp this summer.  Last summer I was brought out into the water (Devin carried me); I wasn't overly impressed, but I wasn't completely upset about it either.
Apparently I have too many stuffies and stuff, so we are going with practical gifts. 

We went over to Melissa and Sherry's this evening. I played in the backyard and laid around out back.
I had a few growlie moments,  one of the twins came flying by me and ran full pin into my bum. I let out a growlie mumble.  Kids *hmpft*
Another time, I had a toy and was playing with it by myself, flinging it up in the air and winging it about, the twins took that as an invite to come play - growlies then.  Sometimes I like to just play by myself.

Devin noticed that I have a rash on my inner thigh/groin area.  Shall keep an eye on that and see how it progresses, or goes away for that matter.  Devin will call Janet and see how much allergy meds I can be given - given that i'm on other medication, we don't want to overdo it.

Catching a few Z's with sheepie
Catching a few rays...
Hanging out on my bed - It could stand to be larger...
Brown eyes....
The long face pose
Life Jacket - as you can see by my tail, not too impressed.
Really Devin? *ugh*
reflective side
My new feeder
 Not as tall as the last, but at least this one is stable.
Showing one of the girls how fun forging for new sprouts can be
nom nom
Follow the leader
Time out

Oh hey, what's that? sprout?
Every job site needs a supervisor...
Time out with the football toy
Sprout break!
Bella pulled Elly around the yard,  *checking for sprouts*
Battle of Will....
ready to go home now Devin...

 Nana said the Easter Bunny comes tonight.  It will be my first Easter!  I can't wait to see awaits me in the morning.  My first Christmas was Greyt!

P.S.  We received an email today letting us know that my collars will be mailed out on Monday *yay!*

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