Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nippy Lips Strikes Again...

At around 330pm I finally moved from my nest into the bedroom. I staggered down the hall, but made it safely onto my bed. I laid there like a statue for sometime until Devin had asked me if I wanted supper.  That was the fastest I moved all day.  Around 420pm supper was served, I made my way to the kitchen, stood there while Devin prepared it for me.  There was extra water placed on my food tonight, just to make things go down a little easier.  I've never been a chewer of my food; but swallowing it whole is my specialty.

It took me a while to eat my supper, as i neared to the end I picked up the pace.  I had a few little sips of water then wandered back to my bed in the bedroom.

Nana came by to stay with me around 6pm so Devin could go out and get some groceries.  I hung out in my nest while Nana read the newspaper and watched a movie Devin put on for her. When Devin left the apartment I flew my head up to see what was going on, what a headache!   I got up and walked unsteady to the hallway where I normally wait for Devin to come back from doing laundry. I rested my head on the cool tile, while the rest of me stayed on the carpet, not a peep out of me.  Strong silent type today..... Until.....

I wandered off into the bedroom to rest on my bed, Nana came in to check on me.  She talked nice to me, gave me a few scratches and pats on the head.  She backed away, then came in with her hand to give me another pat; that's when it happened.  The Return of Nippy Lips: I let out a growl and snapped at Nana.
The strange thing is, Nana can give me my KONGS, hold on to them while I take a few licks before putting them on the ground, she can give me ice cubes, get me ready to go outside; never have I gotten snippy at those times.  It's just when i'm in my nest (nana has learned to leave me alone while i'm in there), and on my bed.   Devin said we need to get to the root of this problem, While Shannon (my trainer i've seen a few times) says Nana should leave me alone when i'm in those places.

Devin came home, we went out for a mini walk. I had great big pees and a really good poop (yes you all need to know this..haha). I trotted along like a trooper.  Devin carried me down the stairs, up i was fine, but down, Devin didn't have that much faith in me.   I wandered off into my nest for sometime, then went to the bedroom to lay on my bed.  When Devin came to check on me, i was up on the big bed.  Things are slowly getting back to normal :)

Needing more sleep,


Finally made it on to my bed
Mouth kinda bent outta shape - still feeling the "sleepy time" meds
Supper! Looking a bit dazed, but I know what that is!
Slow - nom     nom        nom
Thanks for supper - heading back to bed
hard to keep the eyes open.... *slurp*
My statue pose I kept for a good hour.
Finally settling in

 From the Nana Files: Nana took a few photos while Devin was out.
Where's my Devin?

Probably just sulk a bit...
Watch the floor.  When is it going to stop moving??
Le sigh
 Finally feeling more like myself:

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