Monday, April 9, 2012

Exploring New Things

I was pacing from my nest, laying in the hall, to laying on Devin's bed, then on my bed, then back to my nest. 
Devin called me over to the couch, and told me "Up up, It's okay".  I wasn't sure if I should test out the couch or not.  A month or so back I ended up on the couch when I felt like I had no other place to go while Devin was cleaning.  I was up there until Devin told me "off"; I didn't bother trying to get up there again.

After a few contemplative looks I popped up on the couch and laid down beside Devin.  Eventually I was asked to move, so I moved do the end of the couch and laid quietly there.  I'm still not sure if I'm suppose to be up here or not. 
Hmm, am i suppose to be up here?
If I lay here quietly, maybe I'll go unnoticed?
on my way to zland
zz z   z
Oh, a built in neck rest!
We just came back in from my bedtime "out".  After getting my feet wiped off and raincoat removed I grabbed a drink of water and wandered into my nest.

Devin put a quilt down on the couch in event I get the urge to wander up on there in the middle of the night.


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