Sunday, April 8, 2012

And Then My World Came Tumbling Down.... Prince Milo and the Pea

I don't know where to start...

Devin changed EVERYTHING around on me.
1) bedroom
2) my bed inside my nest doesn't feel right.  Devin took out the guts, inserted back the blanket and placed the blue bed inside the casing of my old brown bed
3) my bed in the bedroom isn't where it was this morning - due to the change around, also the bed feels weird to me. (memory phone relocated hours later)

I haven't roached since all the changes happened. I'm not overly happy with what's been done with the place.  Devin is pretty extreme when it comes to change.

Devin placed a call to Nana to tell her about how unhappy i've been today with all the changes, especially the bed changing.  Nana suggested that the memory foam be placed inside my nest, maybe that would help.

I was lured out of my nest by cranberries; YET AGAIN MORE CHANGE...
Devin took apart my brown bed, removed the blanket and blue bed from inside the brown casing, replacing that with the memory foam which was on my other bed in the bedroom. 

The surface is much more stable, I do enjoy a solid yet plushy surface to sleep on... I'll give that a try and see where that leads me.

The bed in the bedroom has now been reconstructed. 
Blue bed placed inside the bed casing along with existing bed; A much more plushy surface and wider surface to sleep on.  Devin built me up some small walls for me to push down into.  I'm not sure about this change either.  I suppose time will tell...

I've heard Devin mumble something about not being able to sleep since a childhood pillow was tossed out years ago; Nana had the same thing happen to her.  What is my time for change??  Everything felt so comfy to me, why'd it have to change??
*le sigh*
Half on the blue bed
Devin found this toy in the cupboard; it was in sick bay!  Yay the return of the squeaker toy!!!

The bedroom - rearranged to summer layout.
Not liking the blue bed and blanket inside the brown casing bed.....
This doesn't feel right either - I can't nap against the closet door :(   I think Devin did this so my racing toes wouldn't keep hitting the wall while in dreamland..... hmmmmmm
Yeah, not liking my bed - trying Devin's out...
Blue bed and blanket after it was removed from the brown casing bed.  I made it work. I was much more comfier in the hall.
Whoa is me.....
Watching Devin fix my bed up (for the 3rd time today)
Trying out the memory foam bed.......
Trying out the blue bed within the other bed, bed.  Wow say that 3 times fast!
Okay..maybe... this could work...
Not sure, I'll make the best of it for the now.....

z ..z.  panting in my sleep.  Devin gave me an ice cube to cool me down.


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