Monday, April 2, 2012

A Walk In The Park

It wasn't my intention, but I woke Devin up this morning with a heavy sigh.  Up we got and breakfast was served.  I went back to bed, Devin went back to bed for a few minutes.  Next thing I knew Devin was asking me if i wanted to go outside for a walk; I was all over that.  My tail was wagging, and i was working on being vocal, i let out a few moofs (like a woof, but more of a moof), then sat back in an awkward position, Devin know this one to be the position I get in before acting "snakey".   IE: Zoomies when i'm outside.  I just get this funny feeling and i'm not sure how to express it.

Devin bundled me up for our morning walk.  I was all tail wags and happy prancing down the hall.  We did half the loop before stopping at Nana's for a visit.  Nana gave Rye-Lee and I a few small snacks, I tried to nap a few times, but Devin was in a buggy mood and wouldn't have that; just kept picking at me.
I did act a little silly with Nana, I was nipping at the blankets and rolling around on my back with a tail wag while she patted my tummy.  See Nana, I'm not a bad sort, I don't always want to bite you :)

Later on around lunchtime, Devin and I packed it up and went out to dog park for a run.  I had a blast there. I never pull when on my leash, but something just comes over me when I get out of the truck and walk across the street to the park.  I just have to GO GO GO.  We played toss and fetch for a bit, then I meandered around.  I found a nice spot of grass under the big pine tree; actually I found 3 spots of new sprouts.  I tired from playing catch and decided it was time to have a little green buffet.
I was a good boy and listened (a few times) when Devin called. No liver snacks for reward, just hugs and scritches. 

Devin caught some video footage of me today, but we're having problems converting the files to be edited.
Maybe at a later date. It's getting late.

I'm still doing well with my half dosage of clomicalm. 
Things Devin has noticed:
1) more tail wags
2) more energy - don't be fooled i still LOVE my naps/sleepies
3) overall happy
4) more vocal - I get excited when there is mention of going outside (not all the time, but I'm more into going out)  If Devin doesn't move fast enough I sometimes let out my "moofs".

Well it's getting late, and we have an early morning tomorrow. 
Enjoy the photos below.

P.S. Devin put in the order for my new collars today.  Stay Tuned to see which ones I get :)

All dressed up, lets go Devin!  - morning walk

Got my rabbit ears on - Hanging out at Nana's. I could hear Papa George outside

Maybe, just a quick nap

More ears

Is Nana getting use another treat??
Doin' our own thing
What would a visit me if I didn't go under Nana's plants to knock off the dead leaves for her. *hehe*
Heading to the park - staring
Oh this sunlight feels gooooood
A little sniff - love when the windows are down just enough to catch a few smells.
Drippy nose

At the Park
Listening -
Throw the ball already!!!
Oh My!  What's that???

Can I have some?
Nom nom nom nom nom
Tired out from playing toss. Slow moving to the ball
Tra lala
Back at chasing the ball
Yeah, i'm not sure....
Ooops over shot the catch

Getting ready to bolt
Devin, I think I'm almost done...
Walking the fence line...
I'm sexy and I know it.
So many smells
Okay, I'm officially done - can we go now?
 We took a walk down to the beach to check things out. I dipped my feet in a few times, then came out to the sand, just before leaving I decided to walk out into the water; about 3 inches deep. Nice and refreshing. still a little too chilly for me though.

Let's see just how cold this is...
Stomp stomp stomp, Splish Splash
I love sand! reminds me of when I used to go to work.
Love me some sand hills!
The geese didn't want to see me, they swam out when I started to make my way down the beach.
More sand hills! (ps, do you see all that bum hair I grew???)
I've had enough of this beach walk. Lets go home Devin
Back in the truck..

Love you

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