Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Love Days Off

Devin and I hung out together today.  I love it when we get to hang out; ya know, when work doesn't pull Devin away from me :)

We went on a few walks together, hung out, laid around, played a bit, walked some more, stopped by to say hi to Grampa George, met Nana on our way home from our walk.  It was just a chillin' sorta day.
Still no mail for me :(

Giving Devin the eye
Maybe if i ignore you you'll stop flashing that thing at me.
hangin' out on my end of the couch.  A few times Devin had me get off, just to make sure I wasn't getting too "comfy" with my "space".
z z z
squinty eyed look

 PS - Since being completely off my anxiety meds, i've had tons of energy.  Don't get me wrong, I still sleep the same amount in the day, but when i'm up and outside - look out!!!! zoooomiiiesssss and tail wags for everyone! I'm definitely more alert and wanting to interact with others :)


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