Thursday, April 12, 2012

Care Package From The South :)

Last night while I was hanging out in the bedroom Devin came to check up on me. Devin can't seem to leave me alone when I'm off having alone time.  I mean there's a reason why I went to bed. I wanted to sleep.
There was a sneak attack of photos - all because I was roaching!
Woke up to the sound of Devin being creepy in the door way taking a photo of me while I roached.
Maybe if I ignore you, You'll go away?
We ran the roads together this morning,  Post office, then to town to get some water, pick up a bag of my food, exchange a headlight bulb.  On our way home we hit up the post office again to see if my collars arrived yet.  Much to Devin's surprise there was a package waiting for us.   It wasn't my collars It was a care package from Auntie Shelley, Uncle Mat and Cousin Parker :)

Devin let me have one of the sweet tater snacks.  I was in heaven, the drool was pouring from my mouth on to the carpet with each chomp i made.  Thank you to my family in the South!!!
Care package snacks from Auntie Shelley, Uncle Mat and Cousin Parker :)
Nom nom nom nom sweet taters!!!!
Oh yeah, Americans have the best snacks!!
 While Devin was on the phone with Nana I hopped up on to the couch to lay down for a snooze.  Devin heard a strange sound, turned around and saw me laying there. Hehe
Yeah, I could get used to this...
What is with you and that flash???
Z z z z z
Working on another escape tongue moment.
I can make a large couch look tiny
Sleeping like the Innes/Hawthorne's.
Sweet couch dreams
 I can't believe I didn't tried this couch surfing sooner.  Pretty comfy.
Devin left me alone a few times today - another laundry day and had to go outside to toss some things out and go over to Nana's to pick up a few things.  Not a peep again.  ALSO today is the first day that I wasn't given my Clomicalm; I will get one tomorrow morning thought.  Only 6 or so more days til we can kick these things for good!  *paws crossed*


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