Monday, April 30, 2012

Battle of Two Wills - Devin 1 : Milo 0 ~ a loss of privileges ~

I'll start with my morning, like every other morning, breakfast, bed, up for a morning walk, back home, relax, sleep.
Uh, Hello? I'm waiting patiently for us to go for our morning walk.  Are you coming?
So tired, long walk...

Devin closed up my nest on me, I came running out into the living room to see what was going on.  My KONG towel was down, but no KONGS were insight.  Devin gave me my first frozen chicken foot.  I laid down on my towel and went to town on that thing. It didn't take me long to gobble that up.
Oh, what is this??? Don't mind if i dooooo
oh my! this is tasty!
What if i look all sad n' stuff, can i have another??
I went between the couch and the bedroom, then back out on the couch. I curled up in a tight little ball, then all of a sudden jumped off the couch and jogged down the hall.  Devin asked were I was going in such a hurry.

Devin gave it a little bit then came in to check on me.  I was laying at the foot of the bed with the bean bag (heating thingy Devin has been using) between my front feet.  Devin went to take it away from me and that's when it happened....

I snarled my lips back as far as they could go, I guess I had kind of a menacing growl going on. Devin didn't take kindly to that. Another attempt was made to take it away, I went a little loco with the growls and snarls, i made small/short contact on Devin's hand.  At that point "It was on like Donkey Kong".  Devin in a raised voice told me no, and to get off the bed.  I was being protective over my new find. No way was I going to get off the bed.  Devin told me to MOVE OFF NOW - I was resisting though, that bean bag was of high value to me aka a snack; there was no way that was going to be taken away from me.  Devin managed to flip the blankets around the bean bag while I hunched over it trying to protect my find.  I was scooted off the bed down on to my bed. I sat there on my bed, with a slight defiant look in my eye until I was told to lay down, I laid down when i was told to do so. Still not sure what the big deal was all about.  Devin gave me the stare down until I looked away.

Devin's bean bag "heating pad" - I mistook this for a snack. I thought Devin left this in bed for me to nibble on.
small pinch mark, but still, contact was made.  :(  I'm sorry Devin.  The bean bag was high value to me. I thought you were trying to take away my "snack".

Out came the vacuum my "mess" was taken care of.   Devin poked at me while I was on my bed, checking my mouth and just touching me. I think Devin was trying to prove a point; just because it's considered "my space" doesn't mean it's leave me alone area.

We went for a short walk outside for me to stretch my legs and for Devin to brush a few lbs of fur off from me.  I feel great now!

Once back in from our walk I went into the bedroom and looked/thought about getting up on the bed.  Devin quickly told me "no" and told me to lay on my bed.  I turned around walked out of the bedroom and went to lay in my "nest".

Couch and Bed privileges have been revoked until further notice.  I was told that respect is earned, so is privilege, they just aren't given. 

Oh another note, Devin called and got an appointment with the Chiropractor. I go tomorrow at 1200pm.
Anything is worth a try to get my limping under control.  Maybe next we can enlist someone to give me a massage?? haha   Oh the life of a retired athlete.


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