Saturday, April 14, 2012

From the Moohound Files

This morning when Devin came home from work, I was tucked in on the big bed.  I didn't feel like moving much, but eventually popped up and wandered outside for our morning walk. 
Too comfy to move

As soon as I made it outside I went c-r-a-z-y town on the new sprouts of grass.
Just..another..piece.. wait.. I... nom..  okay, coming! *nom nom*
We made it back home, I had a quarter full belly of new sprouts in my tummy.   Breafast was served, then off to my bed I went.
Fully belly, back to bed
So very tired, I like to tuck my head in to my armpit like my Cousin Parker :)
We slept on and off today, Devin kept getting up, and that woke me up in the process.  Does one  not know I need at least 15hrs of rest a day???

We went a lunchtime outing, then back in we came. I was restless still, Devin suspected that maybe I might need to go back out, but decided to wait and see if that were really the case.  I ended up on Devin's bed, my tummy was talking a mile a minute. Devin decided to take me back outside, this time we went for a long walk.  nearly 4km later, "i felt much better", now i'm ready for my afternoon nap.

Nana came by last night to bring me out and give me my KONG.  She explained the whole bird dive bombing thing to me, It was Friday the 13th yesterday.  Nooooow it makes sense! :)

Taken Yesterday - Hanging off the bed

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