Sunday, July 31, 2011

Moved Bed?

Devin thought it would be a wonderful idea to relocate my bed into the living room for the afternoon.
I'm sure what to think of this new arrangement.  I don't know if i've been kicked out of the bedroom or?
Unsure feelings aside, i gave it a try after some coaxing.  I much prefer sleeping in my crate. I like squishing my body up against the walls. 
Devin said my next bed will have a bit of a surrounding to it so i could squish up into it.  My current bed could use a change out soon.  It's not as fluffy as it once was.  Devin is nice though and fluffs it up for me.  The other day i was having a heck of a time trying to get it fluffy myself. 

Below are some photos of my new sleeping arrangements??
(Devin brought my bed back into the bedroom - part of the pack again)

Out for a stroll

Sometimes I'm more comfy like this....

Oh, this is how i'm suppose to lay on it

Counting my toes...

Really Devin? Are all these photos necessary??


I'm going to need glasses by my 5th birthday if Devin keeps this up...

Sleeping with my Sheepie

Sometimes you just go with what you know....back in the crate

Life At The Greyhound Track - Behind the scenes photos (positive)

Life at the Greyhound Track - Behind the Scenes (photos)

Link was found on website in the forum. If anyone is interested in what my life was like at the track, click the link. There are photos with explanations below them.   VERY informative.  All positive.

Greyt photos :)

Sleeping In, Walks and Harleys

 I slept in today. I didn't get up until a bit after 0630hrs. Devin was thankful for this.  
So sleepy

Supa star!
Okay, I'm what?

Lets get going already!

We went for our walk around 0800hrs.  Devin tried to take me straight down the road, but I had other plans. I cut Devin off with a quick skip prance and lead the way up the side street that I normally take to cut across to get to Nana's.  Devin told me that Nana was at church; i still tried to cut across my usual spot of the ditch (there's a bridge type thing for us to walk over).  Devin brought me back in, and told me Nana was at church. I didn't want to believe.  I walked slowly looking over my right shoulder until we cleared Nana's street to turn down.

We continued on our walk, I think EVERYONE in the village is at church today!  Devin must not have been lying about Nana being there.

We walked past Nana's church the doors were open and people were standing.  One day we will time it right so I can meet Father Mathew.  Nana told him my racing name, He told Nana that I am always welcome!

I cut our walk short, i turned down the top of Nana's street instead of doing the full loop around.
Devin still finds it strange that I know my way around the village.  What can I say, i'm a fast learner!

I walked Devin to Nana's; where Papa George was in the garage polishing up his Harley.
We stopped in for a bit to say hi.  Here's some photos of my visit.
Hangin' out at the work bench with Papa George

Looking over at the box of cookies - maybe he won't notice???

Getting lovin' from Papa George

Helping Papa George polish the Harley

 Now i'm back home and going to crash in my crate for a while.
Devin told me that I'm going to have some alone time today.  Need to get me back into the habit of being alone for some hours at a time...


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Upset Tummy...

Devin gave me my KONG last night; we didn't have any yogurt so Devin has been mixing a frozen banana in with my kibble.

This morning Devin got up early and fed me. We went back to bed shortly thereafter.  I couldn't settle in.
I was in the bedroom and then out of the bedroom several times..back and forth. At one point I jumped up on Devin's bed, stood there staring.  Devin told me "Down", i got down right away, and was told to lay on my bed...that i did, but only for a little bit.

Devin finally figured out that maybe, just maybe i had to go out. Normally i eat and lay down for a couple of hours afterwards, not today.

We weren't out long on our morning walk before i had to "go".  My tummy was rumbling. :(
This carried on into our walk a few more times.  Devin apologized to me and said NO MORE BANANA's. :(   but but but they are soooo tasty!

While walking home from our walk, NANA called out from across her street. We went over for a meet and greet. Rye-Lee was being a jerk today.  Meh, oh well.. can't like everyone all the time....

Here's a few photos from yesterday and today. Oh I also ate a whole out of my Wubba KONG :(  Devin threw it out on me. I'm not working on chewing a piece out of my chicken.

Anyone know of some good TOUGH CHEWER squeaky toys??

Working on what was left of my WUBBA KONG (before i ate a whole out of it)

Uh, Hello? Nana? It's Me Milo. Let me in??

Still waiting....

remainder of my Wubba KONG :( 

No more WUBBA KONG :(

All legs - Working on my model pose


I'd stand here forever if Devin let me.

There's Nana, I want in!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Nana Called Me A Slacker

Nana brought it to my attention that i was slacking.  I forgot to write an entry in for yesterday.
Really not much has been going on.  Sleep sleep and more sleep...

My leg is doing MUCH better today.  Devin is questioning if i even need to continue with the remainder of my anti-inflammatory meds...  I'll finish them out though..

I really haven't been doing much since we returned home from our East Coast vacation.  I am quite content to be sleeping the hours of the day away.

We've gone on our morning walks and evening strolls.  It's still really too hot to do anything.
I've been anxious with Devin leaving.  It was laundry day yesterday; each time Devin left the apartment to check on the laundry I went and snuggled up against the door.  Devin had to push the door open carefully to get me to move out of the way.  Some things never change. :)

Taken on July 28th 2011 - sprawled out in my crate

nap time with my chicken

Oh this makes a good pillow

Legs crossed, sleeping with my eye open

Still using my chicken as a pillow - the pink of my belly is slowly fading. Still soft as ever!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vet visit, WUBBA KONG and Chickens

I went to the vet today to have my leg/paw checked. I'm not limiting AS MUCH as I was on monday; but it's still visible.  I was weighed: 64.5lbs.  Devin believes the student wasn't correct last time when taking my weight.  She didn't let the scale settle and stopped it at 67 lbs.

Anyway, I didn't show Dr. Lalonde where i hurt. She poked pushed, bent me every which way.
No dice.
I was given an anti inflammatory needle and set home with pills that need to be taken once a day in the afternoon for 5 days.

Devin and Dr. Lalonde discussed briefly about my teeth.  Dr. Lalonde said I was fine for the now; but they will need to be cleaned. I'll have to come back mid year for the cleaning. 

Here's a few photos from my day....

Tired from my visit to the vet today. Crashed out on the way home.

Sleeping with my KONG Wubba

Tuckered out from playing with my chicken

It didn't take me long to chew through my Wubba

Sleeping - Go away!

Roaching - face hidden under my sheepie

Chewin' the chicken!

Devin got me to play with the chicken. I grabbed it and ran to my crate. Yeah, that's right. That's my bum hanging out of my crate :P

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Roaching And Get Better Soon Gifts

Devin went out to pick up some groceries to stock the fridge back up after our vacation together.
Much to my surprise when Devin returned I had a few "Get Well Soon" gifts :)

When i was in the East Coast i took to Raya's chicken. The squawker on that kept me entertained.
I also got a KONG squeaky toy.  The KONG is my favorite.  The chicken kind of scares me right now.
Get Well Soon gifts from Devin

Tired out from playing with my new squeaky KONG

Roaching in my crate  - comfy

Still chilling out in my crate. Devin took me out for a lunchtime "break"  I was carried up and down the stairs.
I don't mind; but i am an adult and would much rather do things for myself.


Morning Limps and Garden Picking

I woke up this morning feeling sore.  I got out of bed and hobbled down the hall excitedly when Devin mentioned "breakfast!".
I gobbled up my food then wandered back into the bedroom to my bed.  I crashed out there for a little bit before Devin took me outside.
I made it up the stairs okay on my own; when i reached the top i didn't want to bear any weight on that sore foot/leg. We went outside. I don't like pavement right now, it hurts; when i get on the grass though i'm kind of okay to go.  Devin walked me a little bit to see how i was doing, to get the morning kinks out...

We worked our way over to Nana's. I kept walking even when Devin tried to get me to turn around.
I woke up Nana :)  She came outside to the veggie garden and picked veggies with us.
When we were all done there, Nana drove us home. I wouldn't lay down, Devin held on to me to help support my leg.

The Vet was called at 0830hrs.  I have an appointment tomorrow for 1530hrs.
Until then, I think i'm just going to lay low and snooze.  I've been soooo tired since returning to Ontario.

Here are a few photos of me from today:

Drinking Some Water After Getting Back From Nana's - Hurts to put my foot down :(

I've been sleeping like a log!

Still out for the count!

Sniffing around Nana's garden

Watching Nana pick veggies

I helped water the cucumbers

Nana gave us a ride home...


Monday, July 25, 2011

Leaving The Camp And Heading Home - Day In Photos

Finally Home And Snuggled Up In My Crate

Devin Took Down My Crate - Me Hanging Out In The Living Room At The Camp

Sleeping With Devin - Pushed Up Against the Bunk Wall

Last Look At The Camp - Road

Following Brent Down The Path

Brent Being Silly With Me - Cup Holder

Devin Did It Again - Forgot My Bowls And Stand In The Field.

View Of The Lake From Aunt K.K.'s Camp

Staying See-Ya To Raya

Raya And I

Crashed Out In The Car - I'm a Greyt Traveler!

Poking My Head Up So Everyone Is Aware I'm Still In The Back

And Sleeping Again

Cuddles With Bunny

We Got Lost In The Ghetto In Montreal....

Nana's Loving Hand Holding My Head Up

Hi :)

Finally HOME - Well at Nana's Pre Injury

Resting My Sore Leg On Bunny

Found My Bed - Me likes!

Battle Scare on Leg :(

Strip of skin/scab and fur - Devin thought i had food stuck on my leg. :( I didn't cry though.
Devin Feels HORRIBLE

Go Away, I'm Tired

We first stopped off at Nana's. Devin helped Nana unload the vehicle then let me out for a leg stretch.
When i jumped out of the back of the truck i tweaked my right leg/foot.  I've been limping; but Devin has noticed though I don't limp so much when i'm on the grass.  Devin said we will give it a few days and if it doesn't get any better we will make a call to the vet and have me looked at.

Scab/skin fur strip.  Devin came into my crate to check on my leg. It was believed that i had a piece of food stuck to my leg.  Devin gave a little pick at it and removed it. I didn't wince or anything, i just laid there.
Once it came free (with ease) Devin panicked and realized that it was actually a strip of skin and my fur. Horrified that Devin inflicted damage to me, Nana was called.   Polysporin was put on the wound, and I crashed out again, my third eye lid was already covering my eye. 

All this travel has me completely worn out.

We went for a short walk a few minutes ago. Devin carried me up the stairs. I made it down the stairs alright.
I did my evening "thing". Devin is happy we didn't have to go far for that.

Yeah so that's about it with my day.
I'm zapped...


P.S. Devin said that we are hitting the road again in another week or so.
It's a good thing i'm a greyt traveler!