Sunday, July 24, 2011

Making Friends With An Ottoman n' Other Stuff

I've been handling the heat lately by just laying about.  Devin has been bringing my crate out on the deck so I can enjoy the fresh air coming off the lake.  That's where I spent the good part of my afternoon yesterday.
Chewing On Raya's squeaky toy - I later ate through it; gobbled up some plastic and foam. :\

Cousin Olivia quietly watching. I like her. She gives nice pats

Evening Nap With Sheepie

Cousin Josh and I - We're both pretty quiet. We get each other

We went for a few walks; I'm kind of getting used to walking on the uneven ground. I still prefer a soft even surface.

Last night Devin said I had a bit of the crazies. While Devin as wrestling with the mini sleeping octopus
Cousin Olivia - the mini sleeping octopus

I took it upon myself to play with the ottoman:

I went down in my play stance and started to chew at the bottom right corner of the ottoman. Devin told me I was nuts and to stop it. :)  I continued to play for a few a little bit.  It seemed like a fun thing to do.
Devin got me to go to bed. I looked up at Devin with Doe eyes then jumped up into the bunk.
 I curled up at the foot of the bed, maybe Devin wouldn't notice I was laying there...

Here are photos of me from  yesterday. I disappeared and was found on Devin's bunkbed.

I started out on the floor

Thinking To myself - There's gotta be a comfy spot for me to lay

Ahhh Comfort!

Deer Legs!

When Olivia was carried off to sleep with Hannah I cuddled up with Devin (above photos). Come morning time Devin was woken up by my deer legs digging in.

After our walk this morning I found myself back in bed.  It was a bit bright so i decided to use Olivia's sleep mask. shhh :)
Sleeeepping shhhhh

Still feeling lazy. I think i'll spend the day on the bunk.


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