Friday, July 29, 2011

Nana Called Me A Slacker

Nana brought it to my attention that i was slacking.  I forgot to write an entry in for yesterday.
Really not much has been going on.  Sleep sleep and more sleep...

My leg is doing MUCH better today.  Devin is questioning if i even need to continue with the remainder of my anti-inflammatory meds...  I'll finish them out though..

I really haven't been doing much since we returned home from our East Coast vacation.  I am quite content to be sleeping the hours of the day away.

We've gone on our morning walks and evening strolls.  It's still really too hot to do anything.
I've been anxious with Devin leaving.  It was laundry day yesterday; each time Devin left the apartment to check on the laundry I went and snuggled up against the door.  Devin had to push the door open carefully to get me to move out of the way.  Some things never change. :)

Taken on July 28th 2011 - sprawled out in my crate

nap time with my chicken

Oh this makes a good pillow

Legs crossed, sleeping with my eye open

Still using my chicken as a pillow - the pink of my belly is slowly fading. Still soft as ever!


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