Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Morning Limps and Garden Picking

I woke up this morning feeling sore.  I got out of bed and hobbled down the hall excitedly when Devin mentioned "breakfast!".
I gobbled up my food then wandered back into the bedroom to my bed.  I crashed out there for a little bit before Devin took me outside.
I made it up the stairs okay on my own; when i reached the top i didn't want to bear any weight on that sore foot/leg. We went outside. I don't like pavement right now, it hurts; when i get on the grass though i'm kind of okay to go.  Devin walked me a little bit to see how i was doing, to get the morning kinks out...

We worked our way over to Nana's. I kept walking even when Devin tried to get me to turn around.
I woke up Nana :)  She came outside to the veggie garden and picked veggies with us.
When we were all done there, Nana drove us home. I wouldn't lay down, Devin held on to me to help support my leg.

The Vet was called at 0830hrs.  I have an appointment tomorrow for 1530hrs.
Until then, I think i'm just going to lay low and snooze.  I've been soooo tired since returning to Ontario.

Here are a few photos of me from today:

Drinking Some Water After Getting Back From Nana's - Hurts to put my foot down :(

I've been sleeping like a log!

Still out for the count!

Sniffing around Nana's garden

Watching Nana pick veggies

I helped water the cucumbers

Nana gave us a ride home...


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