Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Roaching And Get Better Soon Gifts

Devin went out to pick up some groceries to stock the fridge back up after our vacation together.
Much to my surprise when Devin returned I had a few "Get Well Soon" gifts :)

When i was in the East Coast i took to Raya's chicken. The squawker on that kept me entertained.
I also got a KONG squeaky toy.  The KONG is my favorite.  The chicken kind of scares me right now.
Get Well Soon gifts from Devin

Tired out from playing with my new squeaky KONG

Roaching in my crate  - comfy

Still chilling out in my crate. Devin took me out for a lunchtime "break"  I was carried up and down the stairs.
I don't mind; but i am an adult and would much rather do things for myself.


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