Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cookie Monster! And Upcoming Dr. Appointment

Devin went and and picked up a few groceries.  In that grocery haul was a "BUSY BONE".  It claimed it would keep me busy for an hour.  False advertising

I went to crazy town on it. Devin came over a few times to see how I was doing.  I got a few pats and told again that I was a good boy.
I did give the "back off look" a few times while I was inside my crate. No growling though...

Devin had a good laugh and took a few photos of me while i went to town on it.
I had cookie smeared all over my face and up one side of my front legs and down the other. Cookie was smeared into the pads of my paws and stuck under my nails. I was a real mess. BUT i had fun doing :)

Chomping Too Fast 
Still Going To Crazy Town On The Bone

Cookie Feet n' Bed

Looking At My Cookie Feet

I have such handsome feet - Cookie Feet

Right Paw Cookie Feet

Sniffing For More Cookie

Cookie Stuck In Pads

Tuckered Out After My Cookie/Bone (Devin Tried To Wipe Me Down)
Feeling Like I'm Back At The Kennel - Skinny Bedding. Devin Needs To Do My Laundry Again...

Devin Found Another Snuggle Blanket For Me  - Much Better!  Nap time

I received yet another leg bath.  Devin did try to wash me down with a facecloth first.  It was just easier to put me in the tub.  I didn't protest as much today.  It was just another rinse down.

I have an appointment with Dr. Lalonde on Monday at 1620hrs.
Devin would like it sooner, but a few days won't kill me..... I guess.. :(


They Just Wouldn't Stay Away.......

Devin decided that we'd change up our walking route this morning.
I was told for old time sake we'd head up the parkway and enjoy the water, birds and trees along the way.

I could hear in Devin's mind "wouldn't it be ironic if he had worms again. Last time we came up here is when we found the worms"...

We walked up past the beach entrance and wandered over to my "usual" spot.  I did "my thing"; that's when Devin found "them".    I had nasty little tape worm.

Nana had been commenting on how skinny I've been looking lately.  Devin thought I looked a bit slim but didn't think much of it. Thought maybe it had something to do with the small cut back on my food.

Today though slim looked "skinny".  My ribs look almost like what they did when i first came home with Devin.

Now we play the waiting game.  Dr. Lalonde's office opens up at 830hrs.

To Be Continued....


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First Off Leash Run/Playtime Video**

Weee Weeee Weeeeeee (Off Leash Playtime) *photos*

Devin took me over to Sue's this afternoon.  I ran around like a fool in the backyard.
Devin picked me up a new toy.  It's a baseball looking stuffy with a squeaker inside it. It's not too loud; just enough to get my attention and keep it.

Here are a few photo's of me playing :)
Video to follow in next post


In Truck - Riding To Town
Fueling Up

Ride Home
Thanks Devin :)

Finally Home

Hanging Out In My Crate With My New Toy

Didn't Get Enough - Still Nibbling At My New Toy

Good Boy Milo

When Devin returned home from the oil change I was slow to greet at the door.  Devin ignored me; that was okay with me. I wasn't overly "hyper" in greeting.  I just came near and kind of walked around/away.

Devin's been busy painting/cleaning and organizing. I've been keeping to myself.
I was given the other half of my pressed raw hide bone to snack on while Devin completed the above mentioned.

Devin came over to me several times and invaded my space while i chomped away. I didn't mind one bit.
I didn't even give off the "i'm going to growl vibe".  Devin dipped in quick to pet me, told me I was a good boy and continued on. 

I was a little less than thrilled with Devin...
After all of Devin's chores were completed and my bone was eaten, I was brought into the washroom (with protest - rear brakes on all the way) to be cleaned up.  I had sticky raw hide bone on the corners of my mouth and my front legs and paws were a mess!  I was okay once i was placed into the tub.  I just don't like the lead up. 
Devin talked to me the whole time I was being washed up.  I even got hugs and kisses.

I'm now all crashed out in my crate.  Life is Greyt!
I am keeping one eye slightly open though; making sure Devin doesn't leave.
Devin keeps picking up the keys and moving around with them. That makes me a bit anxious; i don't know what's going on though. Each time the keys are picked up; Devin doesn't go anywhere.  Normally the Key Sound means departure.

Another lesson??


I got me some issues

Devin here:

Poor milo is having some issues.

When I went to toss some laundry in last night
milo started to cry as soon as the door closed behind me.  He carried on for a short time then settled.

Today I went to leave for my oil change and he was hard up against the door  i managed to get him to move but he was back at the door like a dirty shirt.

I got him away from the door and exited.  As walked down the hall could hear his cries increase..

I stopped at the end of the hall and listened. he kept it up for about 8mins or so.  i almost went back in but want him to connect crying and me returning.

I believe I've created his situation.
Recently I've been paying attention to him when I return home.   Starting today we'll be going back to the old way of ignoring = no big deal my coming and going .
We also need to do some key training. He gets excited when he hears the jiggle of keys.  He will run to the door.   Needing to break him of that too.

Positive news:
Spoke quickly to the folks at shannoncourt.
I'll be bringing milo there soon for a run at "the central bark".   15$  for an hour run.  (pardon the typos if any written on my blackberry)

Photo and Video Time

The other night Devin gave me a tasty treat with my supper. I gobbled it up like it were my last meal!
Devin was very proud of me.  Even with this tempting treat; I still listened to "wait" before digging in :)

Goodness :)

I Like To Press Up Against Things While I Sleep

Enjoying My Bone

I Like To Curl Up In Awkward Positions

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Crazies And Supper

When Devin got home and opened the door I peered my head out from behind it.  I went a lil' crazy when I saw Devin. We went for a quick "out"; then came back in for supper. Devin served me up an amazing dish of Kibble n' Sardines in water.
I licked and licked that bowl clean!

We went for our walk later on in the evening. Before going I got the crazies. I was so excite let out a little yelp. I took to the stairs like there was no tomorrow. Devin told me it wasn't that long ago that i had to be helped one paw at a time- to get up the stairs. 

We stopped by Nana's to say hi.  She is sure glad that I am home.

Not much else to talk about.  Gotta go make it an early night. Devin has to get up early again tomorrow morning.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fear, It Lets You Know You're Alive

We're winding down now for the evening.

At one point this evening I couldn't find Devin anywhere. Finally I checked out the bathtub.
Sure enough, Devin was submerged and enjoying what I believe to be silence.

I was curious of this ritual i've observed in the past.  I had to come closer for a "gooder" look.
I was hovered over the tub looking while Devin was still under the water.  Finally we made eye contact with each other. Devil bolted up out of the water saying something like "Normand Bates" whatever that means....

We both had a scare. I jumped back because of the quick movement.
Devin tried to call me over, but i wanted nothing to do with that. I kept slinking backwards until i was outside the bathroom door.  Then i ran off to my bed.

A little less "normand" next time.


How Could I Forget???

On Friday June 24th, 2011 @ 1626hrs

Devin didn't even have to ask me to "kennel up".

Mind you I haven't done it since that one time. Baby steps :)




Devin and I went up to Toronto this weekend to stay with Devin's "friend".

I was a real good boy on our way up.  Not a peep could be heard from me. Every now and then I could feel Devin sneaking a peek and snapped a few photos of me.
Taking In The Sights And Sounds Of Downtown Toronto

Trying to Sleep

Are We There Yet? - Just Leaving Long Sault

Nap Time

Hi :)

Feelin' Pretty Chill

Blocking Devin's Mirror 

That aside, it was a peaceful ride for me.

When we rolled into Toronto I became somewhat alert. I was taking in the sights and sounds of the big city.

So many things to see. 
We went for a walks in the park. Devin also took me for a walk when they went to pick up the Vegan pizza.  I didn't mind the traffic or crowds of people. Every now and then when we were stopped at any given place, i'd just stand there in front of someone; kinda just waiting for them to pet me.

Getting back to our walks -
There was an off leash dog park right in the park; Devin wouldn't let me go play.
I did meet all different kinds of people and other dogs.  Everyone had so many questions about me.  I feel kind of special : )

I am completely fascinated with squirrels!  They were everywhere in the park!!! I stood there real still just watching. 
I didn't bother with the pigeons who were less than 2 feet away from me.   

Elevator rides -
I did excellent in there. I marched in like a trooper. Every now and then I'd jump up and put my front paws on the rail and stare into the large mirror that covered the elevator walls..
I'm handsome!

Near Heart Attacks -
I was out on the balcony with Devin when I decided it would be a wonderful idea to jump my front paws up on the ledge.  Devin had a bit of a freak attack.  I just wanted to see what Devin was looking out at. How was i suppose to know we were on the 30th floor.
I Can See Devin's Concern Now

Just A Little Peek

That magic "elevator" seemed to teleport us from area to area. One minute i'm in the lobby, the next i'm getting off heading down the hall to where we were staying...

Me Likes!
Love This Floor Rug

I Could Just Spend Hours Sleeping On It

I Tried to Eat Her Chives - My Bad

The ride home was rather uneventful. I settled in quick. Devin stopped for gas then took me for a quick leg stretch.

Feeling Like A Sausage - Devin Didn't Put My Bed In Correctly

Out For The Count

Watching The Lines On The Road

I Like To Cover My Face When I Snooze

Ello! :)

Look I Can KINDA Sit! :)

Stuck In Traffic

Still Waiting In Traffic
Back Home  :)

Now i'm back home chillin' like I  never left.
I need to wrap this up. Devin has to send out a few emails.