Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sneaky Very Very Sneaky....

I had a pretty terrific day if I do say so myself.  Lynda and Lucy came over to take me out while Devin was at work.  We went for a few walks today.  It sure was hot!  We only made it as far as the nursing home, then we came home.

Lucy invited me over to her place for the afternoon. I surprised Glen and Lynda with my "Houdini" act.
Because of my frequent self walks to Lucy's place and food stealing, Lynda and Glen have gotten wise to my ways; they put Lucy's food in the hall closet thinking it would be safe there.  I proved them wrong today.  Somehow I managed to open those heavy doors and did some food diving.   

Where there is a will there is a way!

Other than that little bit of mischievousness I had a pretty laid back afternoon.

Devin is home with me now. I had some supper and then went over to see Bev and Diane.
Diane just adores me. What can I say, i'm a hit with all the ladies!
Diane told Devin that if every there was a need for a babysitter, to let her know.
It's so wonderful all these people loving me up.  Devin told me that we might have a Toronto date sometime. T and Angela both said that I was welcome :)
I think landed the best forever home!

Thank you Nana for pulling Devin back towards my crate on May 10th; while Devin was "bonding with an already adopted hound".. (is what Bill told Devin).

I think that we are going to be great forever friends!

Just Another Early Morning Walk In The Village

There really isn't much to write about this morning

Here's what I've accomplished so far today:

Breakfast, Walk, Home, Listening to my relaxation CD, Nap.

Devin is getting ready for work. Today is the last work day until the weekend.
I was told that I might head over to Melissa's and Sherry R's for a play date tomorrow; Devin is suppose to help them open up their pool. While Devin does that I can run around the backyard :)
BUT - If it's too hot Devin may just leave me at home to enjoy the newly installed A/C.  We shall see. *paws crossed* 

It's a beautiful life!

Lucy should be here around 8am to pick me up for our date; then again mid afternoon.
Gotta go,


Monday, May 30, 2011

End Of A Day

Devin came home from work tonight!

I had a few visitors today.   Nana came by in the morning to let me out; she didn't come by in the afternoon though; it was to dang hot!

The greatest news of all.  The air conditioning was installed.   The "Super" Denis told Devin that I was a good boy. I first tried to bolt down the hall to see Lucy; once that was foiled, i crept off to Devin's bedroom and crashed on my bed.

Nana told Devin that we met up with the tree people.  They ignored me; that's okay I ignored them too.
It was finally nice to put a face to all that racket upstairs!
I have 4 feet and I'm not even remotely as loud as they are!

I'm chillin' like a villain in my crate right now. the a/c feels sooooo good.

Lucy will be dropping by in the morning and afternoon to take me with her for a quick pee break.
It's suppose to be a scorcher again tomorrow.  *pant pant*

Okay off to bed; it's getting late.


Me Likes Day Shifts!

I like it when Devin works Days.  That means we get up bright and early to start our day.
I had breakfast around 0330hrs. Yum!
Then, imagine this, I had a quick nap while Devin jumped in the thing that got me all wet the other day - "Shower".

0405hrs -
Off we went for a walk around the village!
We did only a 35min walk and came back home.  Devin says the township needs to cut the grass around the old police station.  When I first came home the grass was just up past my the pads of my feet.  Now with all this rain it's over my head.... EVEN the dandelions are past my head!!!! 
I personally think of the high grass like as an adventure.
I like to pretend on i'm a tiger out on the hunt. All that pretending goes out the window when Devin tells me to get outta there though; something about ticks??  
Sometimes Devin can be adventurous while other times - So "responsible"  ~le sigh~

Alright, It's time for me to tuck in until Nana stops by.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bedtime Snack n' Confessions Of A Counter Surfer

I just can't help myself. Earlier today Devin caught me with my paws up on the counter.
I don't know what's come over me.  I think I need a few lessons in boundaries.

I went for my walk with Lucy this evening. We had a grande ole' time. 
I'm going to miss her when she heads back down home this week. I think Devin said it was either Wednesday or Friday at the very latest.

At least i will still have Nan to meet up with.  When I went out for my bedtime pee tonight Nan and JP were out walking. We stopped to say hi to each other, than walked side by side for a bit.
We greyhounds like to walk side by side. It's a safety in numbers feeling i think.

Oh I almost forgot, Lynda offered us down for a visit this summer.  I think it would be neat if i got to see Lucy at her place.  We'll see how the vacation goes at the camp; maybe we can meet half way and have a day play date. That would be splendid!

Okay - I have a full tummy. Off to sleep I go. Devin is going to have us up at some ungodly hour (0345hrs) t get us ready for the day.  Devin is working days the next 2 days.  Nana will be coming to check on me tomorrow, while Lynda and Lucy will come on Tuesday.

I'm so lucky to have all these people care for me.


Milo's Gotcha Day - May 10, 2011

More Friends!

I can't believe I forgot to mention that yesterday evening I met "Babes".   Her mother is "Bev"; she works where Devin works.

Babes is much older and her eyesight isn't what it used to be nor is her sniffer I don't think.
I was standing a few feet from her and she didn't notice me standing there.
When she did finally realize was I standing within inches of her we sniffed and greeted each other.
We were both very good!

Here's a photo of us :)
In this Photo Babes Didn't Realize I Was Right Next To Her
Here We Are Checking Each Other Out

During my morning walk today Devin and I ran into "Stella" and "Daisey"   Stella is a tiny Chihuahua who barked none stop at me. I don't understand what her problem was.  For as much as she barked and bounced at me; I just stood there staring at her.  Daisey is the more laid back one; she's a golden retriever.  We greeted each other and got along well.

After my walk we went to stop in to see if Nana was around; she must have still been at church.
When we walked by the church the doors were open and people were "chanting".  Devin and I stopped to look for a moment then kept on with our walk.

That's pretty much all the excitement for me so far today.  Pretty low key.
I might go over to Melissa's today while Devin helps open the pool  We shall see though; I may just do a bed protest today and stay there for the better part.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My First Bath - Video

First Baths And Slip Ups

Devin gave me my first bath.   I feel grrrrrrreat!  So great that I decided to help myself to the counter top where Devin had my Kibble set aside to put my KONG together for me later on.

Devin went out to start (yet another) a load of laundry.  Washing up my towels and Devin's clothing that had a bath along with me.

When Devin came back into the apartment I was in the process of making a bit of a mess.
I managed to pull down the bowl of kibble along with the bowl of steamed green beans.
For anyone of you out there wondering  - No I didn't touch the beans. I'm strictly a Cookie n' Meat kinda guy.

'Cause I was still in the process of eating the mess I had made, Devin told me BAD then proceeded to pick up the green beans and what was left of my kibble.  I was told to get out of the kitchen :(

I wasn't sure what was being asked of me; So Devin redirected my front and bum in the right direction.
I went back to the kitchen a few times and was shooed away.  I don't understand, I was only eating MY food. 

Devin went to my food bin and scooped extra kibble into the very bowl I grabbed down from the counter top. It was placed back on the counter in the very same spot the last bowl was at.

Devin went into another room and I found myself back in the kitchen with my nose back up sniffing the counter. Devin clapped both hands together and said NO out of the kitchen. I moved pretty quick.
I don't know if Devin should be doing this, i'm pretty sensitive. Then again, I saw Devin reading up on "shakers" to startle in these sort of cases. 

At any rate, I received the message Devin was trying to send to me.  I'm now laying in my crate.

Baths make me hungry!   This was the first time i counter surfed since the VERY first hour of being home with Devin.  ~Le sigh~    Rules Rules Rules....

Life was much easier before. I knew what was expected of me.

Bath Time?

Devin is talking about giving me my VERY FIRST bath.

Stay Tuned...

Devin found this to help out....
Bathing Your Greyhound.
One of the nicest features of your Greyhound is that they are virtually "permanently pressed".  Grooming needs are minimal.

Greyhounds have very little oil in their skin thus have very little "doggie odor".  They do not need frequent baths, usually a bath every 6 months is more than sufficient to keep your Greyhound clean.  When you do bathe your Greyhound, be sure to only use luke warm to medium warm water.  If you use very warm to hot water, your Greyhound will eventually faint and slide down the shower wall.  It can be helpful to have a second person help you when you bathe your Greyhound.  The second person can help keep the dog from jumping out of the bathtub or shower stall and also prop up your Greyhound when/if he starts to get wobbly in the knees.
It is also important to never use cold outside tap water to bathe a Greyhound, even in the summer.  Greyhounds do not have enough body fat to regulate their body temperature very well in hot or cold water, so be careful not to over heat or chill your Greyhound. 
Never use human shampoo on a Greyhound (or any animal) the PH level is not good for their skin and they will end up with very dry and flaky skin if you do.  Use a gentle conditioning dog shampoo, gently place a dry cotton ball in each ear to keep water out and remember to rinse, rinse and when you think you have rinsed enough, then rinse him one more time.  Even the soapy residue of dog shampoo can be very irritating to your Greyhound's skin.  And always dry your Greyhound completely so they do not get chilled.

Photo Time

Enjoying My Kong - Devin Wanted Me To Eat It On The Towel - Laying Half Inside My Crate Was Much More Comfy!

Cuddle Time - Devin Took This Of Me While I Was Sleeping - Sneaky!
Devin's Failed Attempt At Teaching Me "Down/Off"  The Blankets Were Pulled Away From Underneath Me In An Attempt To Get Me Off The Bed - I Fought To The End And Held On.  Milo 1  Devin 0

Me and Devil Bob - Keep Your Enemies Closer

My Cookie Stash Keven Gave Me  - YUM!

What Is This??? Devin's Attempt With Giving me A Vegan Snack - So Impressed I was.  

And This Is What I Thought About That Attempt.

Cuddle Time Beside Devin - I Feel Safe Here

New Doctor

Devin contacted the office of Janet Lalonde.  She is based out of Alexandria Ontario.
alexandria veterinary clinic -Janet Lalonde

While Devin and I were out on our evening stroll last night we ran into. JP is "Nan's" father.
Devin told him that there was concern that my current Dr. only had base knowledge of greyhounds.  My first exam went well; but Devin expressed concern to Nana that my check up wasn't anything like what has been seen on "youtube" greyhound video check ups.  Devin doesn't base all knowledge on the internet; but a second opinion never hurts, right?   Devin's first alarm bells went off when it was suggested that if the hair on my rump didn't start to grow back after my worm medication that we should check for a thyroid condition.  Devin suggested that it could be due to the fact that i spent 4 years of my life in a crate that the hair as rubbed off.  The Dr agreed that, that could be the case....

JP suggested that I see Dr. Lalonde. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to greyhounds.
She apparently owns whippets. 

No harm in trying something new.  I know Devin has my best interest at heart. 

Devin will likely try and get me in next month to see Dr. Lalonde.


A Case Of Mistaken Identity - Morning Walks And New Experiences

This morning Devin and I struck out for our morning walk.  Devin saw a flyer on the ground that advertised a yard sale.  We kept going on our walk.  One yard sale in the village lead to another one, then another then another.  According to Nana there were 90 yard sales advertised in the village today!

We walked past crowds of people; I did fantastic!  People stopped and asked Devin questions about me.
Someone even thought I was a Deer????!!!  A Deer??? Come on, people, really??? I know i have a petite build, but a Deer????  Devin laughed and said no, He's a greyhound.

I got lots of attention and love from strangers, I didn't mind it one bit!  I soaked it up.

The last time I was walking through crowds of people was when Devin took me up to Ottawa to Bark n' Fitz to find a jacket. I did great on the sidewalks of Ottawa.  I like to think that I've been socialized very well.

On our way home from our walk, a lady was walking her dog. Devin said Good Morning to her.
She said Good Morning back, then asked if that was Milo?  Devin said, why yes it is, have you met my mother?  The lady said yes with a laugh.

There's quite a few people here in the village who know me know - Thanks to Devin and Nana.
Grampa George is warming up to me slowly.  I know he loves me, he's just uncertain of big dogs.

Okay Nap time!  That walk took a lot out of me!


Search And Recovery - Sleeping In Is A Wonderful Thing

Last night while I was out with Devin i managed to get a hold of another chicken bone. This one was by far smaller than the others.  Devin took control and opened up my mouth. The chicken bone was sitting at the back of my tongue. Devin went in there and grabbed it out. 

I actually let Devin go in there and grab it out.  Normally I really don't enjoy having someone open my mouth up on me, I made a strange face and try to pull away.  Not this time.  It's safe to say I knew that Devin meant business.

This morning Devin and I got up around 6am. We both crashed hard last night.  I think Devin could use some more sleep --I know I sure could.  Sleeping is my all time fave. pass time; next to eating. Actually those are both tied for first place.

Devin served up breakfast after we came in from my morning "out".  Devin told me to wait before letting me have at my bowl. I'm still held back by a hand, but i don't push nearly as hard to get to my bowl as I did when i first came "home".  Devin had me wait a little bit longer than normal before letting me have at it.   I was anxious to eat!  I don't understand why Devin has me waiting before I chow down, but i'm sure in time it will all make sense.

I had a nap after breakfast - I love naps....

Devin and I are going to head out shortly for our morning walk.  I hope the rain holds off. I don't mind it, but a blue sky would be nice to see sometime too...


Friday, May 27, 2011

Why'd The Chicken Cross The Road?

I dunno....

I was on my walk with Devin earlier and found something "crunchy" to chew on.
Devin barely had time to get near my mouth before I had half of a chicken bone sticking out of my mouth.
I'm a bit of a food whore; Devin wasn't sure about how to extract the carnage from my mouth. After multiple "DROP IT!" Devin released my neck and I chewed it back.  An emergency call to NANA was placed.
Apparently I'll survive. 

No sooner did I chew back that bone, I found another one. Devin was quick this time to jerk me away from it.
Killjoy!  it was nearing supper. I was getting hungry. Can you blame a guy???

We went over to Nana's for a short visit.
 On our way back home i picked up yet another chicken bone. This time Devin was daring and opened my mouth up on me. I didn't bite or do my usual weird mouth action when i don't want someone in there.
The chicken bone was retrieved and tossed away.

Devin says i'm being a it of a child lately.
Anything that I can fit into my mouth will go in my mouth.

1) t'shirts
2) blankets
3) shoe lace that's attached to Nana's set of our house keys.
i tried to nibble that off the counter top without being noticed.
4) socks - Devin was holding a pair, i decide to make little nibbles at them.

I guess I can explain my recent happenings as:
Settling in
Finding my place in my new world

Okay almost bedtime.


My Sleep Over With Melissa

Melissa came over and spent the night with me last night. We were suppose to have a storm; it only ended up raining as far as I can tell.

Melissa watched a movie while I laid in my crate.  She took me for a good walk before bed.  I hear Devin keep saying "a tired dog is a good dog".

After our walk we went to bed. I was laying on my bed beside the big bed Melissa, was talking to me and was petting my side, then she moved her hand up near my neck. I let out a bark and I put my teeth down on her hand.  Melissa apologized to me like there was no tomorrow. 

I'm not sure what got me wound up to do that.  I think sometimes I just can't help myself. Things are so new.
This was also the 3rd time I meeting Melissa.

When Devin came home from work Melissa was curled up in bed with me. I was taking up most of the bed while Melissa was on a sliver of it.  I didn't even budge an inch when Devin came in. Devin said good morning to me and tried to convince me to come over and say hi - No go.  I was content there.

Eventually Melissa and I got up; Devin and I drove Melissa back in to town (home).  It was sure nice of Melissa to spend the night with me.  She's a great napping partner. 

After returning home from Melissa's, Devin and I went for a long walk.
I did my "thank" and we walked back home. 

Now we're in bed and ready to crash.

That's it from me.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Protest Is Over!

Devin took me for a walk after lunch. We went over to Nana's and picked her up for the adventure.
When I saw Nana I had the biggest tail wag on. I certainly know who my Nana is!

We continued on our walk. I finally did "it'!  Devin was soooo happy.  It really is the small things that make Devin happy. 

On our way back  Devin slipped in a puddle of muddy water.  No one fell, but a bit of water was splashed up.
I looked behind me at Devin with this "What the????" look on my face and gave a slow mumble/growl.
Devin apologized and we kept on walking. No hard feelings.

So it's all set. Melissa will be coming to sleep over with me tonight.  She's been giving strict instructions
1) not too many snacks
2) no coddling if it storms - make it a happy time

It's going to be nice to have someone here with me. I know it won't always be this way, but for the now it's nice.

Time to nap ..


Learning What Thunder And Lightening Is All About..

Devin took me outside earlier. I still haven't done my "business".  Devin things I'm withholding because I can.
Or simply because I don't have to go.  I couldn't tell you really what's going on.  Just one of those Days I suppose.

The point of my story is this...

Devin brought me outside, and it began to sprinkle some.  No big deal, we've dealt with that in the past.
Then the thunder started to rumble. Meh, it was okay. Devin asked me what that was,  I had no clue, so I didn't answer.

As we rounded the bend to come inside a LARGE CRACK OF THUNDER and LIGHTENING struck down not that far from us; just near that spooky flag that gets me every time.  I jumped and spooked. Devin first made the mistake of telling it was okay. Then quickly corrected with "what was that???". That there ended my walk and "business" attempts.  

Devin was going to keep walking me to show that we don't need to run for shelter when it thunders like that.
I'm glad we came inside though.  Devin called Nana to let her know how Milo did with his first big Long Sault boomer -  Nana read the environment canada warning.  If it starts to thunder and lightening basically we need to get out of there; "Cloud to ground lightening is expected".

Soooooo I guess I'll just find a comfy spot until this lovely weather blows over...

PS - I did find my way up on Devin's bed shortly after i came in from the storm.
Devin tried to get me off - I'm still learning that "off" word.  I'll posted a photo at a later date at exactly how well that worked.   Devin pulled the quilt and fuzzy blanket out from under me.  I wasn't moving.  I even settled on hanging half off the bed. 

"Off" what is "off"??????


First Night Shift - Home alone

Guess what?
No accidents in the house.  I was left uncrated last night when Devin went to work.

Devin came home shortly after 6am this morning. I was alone from last night at around 2145hrs.
Nana came over a few times to hang out with me, take me for a walk and put me to bed.
After my walk I went for a nap.  The KONG fairy came and placed my KONG on my bed. It was a nice surprise to have this to snack on.

I hate to say this so soon, but I believe i have mastered the stairs.  Nana encouraged me last night to get up them, and off i went - while she stood at the top.
When Devin brought me out this morning I jumped up the stairs like someone lit a fire under my tail.
Well what i'd imagine a fire under my tail to feel like.  Why would anyone put fire under someones tail??

Anyway.. So uhm..yeah

I had a good night here by myself.

Melissa is coming over to stay with me tonight. There is suppose to be a thunder and lightening. I'm not sure how i'll do with that.  Where I live now we get some boomer storms come through - So Devin has said.

Alright, I must get myself to bed again.  I lead such a stressful life!

OH wait!!!
I forgot to mention something...
Devin came home with 5 boxes of yummy cookies!!! Keven at Devin's work gave them to me.
I've so far only sampled the Duck and Sweet Potato ones..... They are simply delicious!

I'll post photos later


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's Getting Later

I did what Devin asked me to do last night - Sleep in past - 0127hrs. 
That's been my "communicating" time these past few days.

Devin gave me my KONG at around 2200hrs. I immediately went to town on it.
I eventually took it to my crate to finish it off.  That's a first for me.  I normally flip and flop on my bed until I'm done.

I got up this morning around 0420hrs.  I started to "communicate" with Devin. Devin didn't want to talk and told me to stop and lay down.  I obliged.

We slept until 0530hrs. Devin got me up and we went outside.  It's was a chilly morning here. I did my "thang" and went back inside.  Devin served breakfast, then went to bed. Once I was done,  I joined Devin for another nap.  We stayed in bed until 0800hrs.  Devin decided it was time to get up and get me going on my walk.

We walked over to Nana's house to see if she would come for a walk with us.  Nana said yes, and got ready.
Rye-Lee (Clive Baker - night breed) was at the door when Nana came out.  I don't understand what his problem is.  He's always so hyper when he sees me.

We had a nice walk with Nana.  After arriving home Devin took to the task of getting meals ready for the next 2 night shifts. 

I'm 95% sure that Devin is going to leave me uncrated tonight and see what happens.
I can sense that Devin is a bit worried that I will start my early morning shenanigans and disrupt the neighbours.
I'll try my best to stay quiet.  It might be hard though. This will be my first night sleep alone in my life.
All I can do is try, right?

Time for a nap Devin says - You don't have to ask me twice!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trust - A Work In Progress

Devin had to run to town to fill the water jug. I was left alone to roam the house for 45mins.
I didn't do too much while Devin was away.  The first 10mins was spent in my crate; that became boring pretty quick, so I sought another comfy spot to lay.

I tried my best not to make it obvious - I found my way on to Devin's bed. I haven't learned how to pull the covers up yet.  Until then... BUSTED

Devin checked all the rooms again, I didn't make a mess. I'm a pretty tidy guy.

Devin praised me and told me that I was a good boy and gave me a tasty denta styx.
That hit the spot.  I'm going to have to go lay down again.


PS - Devin isn't sure about what we're going to do with me tomorrow night.
It will be our first night away from each other.  Devin has to work nights Wed/Thurs.
Nana will be coming over to take me for my nightly walk and a few pee's before I turn in for the night.

Devin is thinking about being daring and letting me have the run of the house.  TRUST - It has to start somewhere.  Worse case scenario, I find myself back in my crate Thursday night shift. *paws crossed*


She's Back!!!

Lucy is home :)

Long story short, Lucy came over for a visit.  We had a unexpected play date here in my home.
Now, before the play date happened I saw my opportunity and took it.  The door was left open about 6inches while Lynda went to get Lucy. I saw my opportunity and took it!  I decided to take myself for a walk down the hall and into Lucy's home.  I found her food bag and went straight for it (as usual) I was found with my head buried deep inside the bag going to town.

Lynda brought me back to my apartment on Lucy's lead. Humans - Killjoys!

Anyway, Lucy came over and we hung out here. We had a great time.
Jordan came over too. I chased him around the kitchen and fetched the ball he tossed for me.
At one point I decided I had enough excitement and gave myself a time out. I went and sat in my crate to watch the happenings around me.
Lucy even found a comfy spot on my bed in Devin's room.  

Lucy Enjoying My Bed

Before Lucy came over for a visit, Lynda was sitting on the couch. I thought it would be a great idea if I got up on there beside her. No sooner did I have both my front feet up on the couch Devin quickly put a stop to that. AGAIN Killjoy!

In other Photos  -
Here are a few photos of me relaxing after my long walk with Devin.
I was plum tuckered out!

I'm So Sleepy!

Oh This Is The Life!


Sleepy Time Smiles


Another Exercise In Trust

Devin left me alone for 2hrs and 16mins - So the video footage reports.

Devin went to run errands with Nana and left me uncrated. I walked Devin to the door, I even tried to make a break for it - I'm still forever looking for Lucy :(

I settled in rather quickly.  When Devin came home, I was standing at the door and peeked around it when it was opened.  Much to my surprise it was Devin!  Devin returned!!!

Devin said hi to me and kept moving through the apartment. Each room was checked. Nothing was out of place and nothing was "added" in any places.

Devin told me I was a good boy. I was told to Kennel Up and was given a reward for being so good.

When Devin reviewed the footage in fast mode it showed me inside my crate. I self crated myself while Devin was out.  No cries, no barking, no whining.  I think I could get used to this new found freedom.

I wonder if my brother "astro" (who by the way was adopted this week!! :) ) will adjust as well as I have.
Devin says *knock on wood*

So that's it.  I didn't burn the house down when I was left with the responsibility of hanging out by myself.

Denis (Super) is supposed to come down shortly to check out the installation of the A/C for me.
It's not all that warm today, but when it is warm, I sure heats up in here!

Not to mention Devin gets these bright ideas about cooking at 450F for a few hours at a time.

Okay enough here.


Long Walks And Meeting New Friends

Devin and I went for a nice long walk. We left around 0741hrs and didn't come until 0900hrs.
We even stopped a Nana's for a visit.  When I saw her walking towards me on the sidewalk my tail started wagging a mile a minute.  I know who Nana is!  :)

We went over to Nana's for a lil' bit. When we were leaving Nana tried to bring Rye-Lee out to see me.
I stood there like a good boy; while Rye-Lee sounded like something from Clive Baker's "NightBreed" Midian.
I don't think I've ever heard those kind of noises come  from anyone I've been around. NOT even at feeding time!

Maybe one day we can be friends. 
When Devin and I started down the driveway to come home "Dutches"(Black Lab) from next door came to greet me.  It took Nana and I both by surprise.  Nana got a hold of Dutches collar and walked her slowly over to me.  We came nose to nose; I gave her a lick on her nose. We then parted ways.
Another success with me socializing with different breeds and different temperaments.

There's a whole big world out there for me to discover. 

Nap time


Up and At 'Em - Still Learning

Like clockwork, i woke up this morning at 0127hrs.
I did my usual play stance; while working up to my low bark thing that I do at that hour in the morning.
Devin told me quickly to stop it.  Soooo, I did.  I laid back down on my bed until about 0520hrs.

Devin heard me starting to stir; I was even invited to come up on the bed. I got my first two feet up on the side of the bed and stood there starring at Devin. I declined the first invitation, I paced a bit, then sat down!  I'm getting good at this sitting thing. I can't do it for long, but I do do it.  Devin knows that this sitting thing is just a prelude as to what's to come. You guessed it, more play mode!

Devin convinced me to come up on the bed. I laid there for maybe a minute then started to get rangy.
We went outside for my morning "thang". Then in we came, breakfast was served.  I did my usual walk around the apartment then came into the bedroom.

Devin told me it was okay to come up on the bed.  I'm pretty good about respecting space. When Devin is in bed, I don't even try to come up.
We had some cuddles, and now I'm about to crash out for a bit - Breakfast always does that to me!

*side note* Devin had to wedge a blanket between the wall and the bed. I had a bit of an accident. I was being goofy earlier (prior to breakfast) and rolled myself in between the wall and the bed. Good thing there's that lil' ledge thing on Devin's bed. Otherwise I'm not sure how the two of us would have gotten me out from there

Monday, May 23, 2011

New "Non Grey" Friends :)

Devin and I met Melissa (Tilly) and Sherry R (Angel) by the soccer field near their home.

Angel and I both had our muzzles on while lil' baby beagle Tilly was sans muzzle.
After the initial meet and greet we were on our way.
We went for a long walk down the bike path and down over to the observation area.  We stopped at the water front for Angel to have a sip of water.  Devin and I walked a bit towards the water, but we had to get down a bank to get closer. I decided I wasn't quite ready for that adventure just yet. No off roading for me!

When we were about 75% of the way done our walk Devin took my muzzle off of me. Angel had hers removed too.  Baby beagle Tilly came right up into my face and I didn't do anything. 

A few photos were taken along the way. However, they are blurry as everyone was doing their own thing.
All Suited Up - Ready To Go Meet My New Friends!

Me, Angel And Tilly
Me, Angel, And Tilly

Where's My Head???  Angel, Tilly And Half Of Me

Angel and I Sniffing Nose To Nose (without incident), Tilly

Group Photo!
Watching Everyone From A Distance

Watching Tilly and Angel off road

Tilly and I Walking Together

Action shot  - Tilly and I

Tilly and I Walking  - Look No Muzzle!

Angel And I Walking Together - No Muzzle

Heading Home!

Are We Almost Home Yet??  

And I'm Done Like Dinner - G'Nite!


House Tidying And Maybe A New Friend or Two

Devin went on a cleaning craze today. 

We (Devin) is just about done with all the painting.  The ceiling still needs to be touched up from the original rush job Devin did about a year or so ago; or so I'm told.

Devin started to get sloppy so it was time to close up the paint shop.

Before all the painting began, Devin was whipping around the apartment from one room to another. I followed for a while until Devin said to me "you're going to eventually get tired of chasing me, you might as well lay down and relax until I'm done".  I took that advice and plopped myself down in the computer room.

Devin vacuumed and went from room to room reorganizing things that in my opinion didn't need to be reorganized, but hey, what do i know? 
At a few points during Devin's cleaning/painting/vacuuming ordeal I found myself up on Devin's bed.
It's so big and comfy.  Who wouldn't want to lay on it??
I can now see why Devin wants me to settle down in the wee hours of the morning. I'd want to keep sleeping too if i had a bed like that.

I had been laying on the door when I heard Devin calling me.  When I came to the bedroom to see what Devin wanted - I saw that Devin was on the bed.  I walked over and found a comfy spot on "MY" bed and laid down.
I think I'm going to respect this ALPHA role Devin is currently standing in.


Melissa  called around 1530hrs (yes i'm already great with telling the time) to see if I wanted to go for a walk with Her, Sherry R, Tilly and Angel ( Tilly is a beagle who was rescued from the OSPCA by Melissa's mum.  Angel is a Chow - She belongs to Sherry R and Melissa).

Devin told Melissa it was too hot outside for me right now :(

BUT Devin said that we could join them after supper.
Angel goes swimming down by the observation deck near the water front in Cornwall.

Devin said we'd drive to the location rather than start out from Melissa's. Just in case it's still too hot for me. We can always go back home and wait until later for the sun to go down...

I feel like one of those children on that home improvement show with Ty Pennington who can't go out in the sun for fear that i'll melt. 

I guess you can't be blessed with everything. After all I did get the good looks and Charm - i'm a real ladies man!


Will update after our walk :)

12:16hrs May 23, 2011 - Making Myself At Home

Devin was on the phone with Nana; I decided to strike out and make myself comfortable elsewhere.

I wasn't quite sure what I was doing, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
This big comfy thing Devin lays on at night time...It's bigger than the one I have.
I thought I'd do some exploring.

Devin heard a loud crash and came running into the bedroom. I'm really not good with "elevated stealth" movements just yet.  I have mastered sneaking off with stuff that is at ground level and or eye level. 
Hopping up on things; not so much!

Devin tried to get me off the bed without scaring me. It took a moment of convincing; but I got down - I think that is what was being asked of me anyway. I don't understand some of these words that Devin says to me.
Really I think for the most part it's Blah blah blah snack.blah..breakfast..blah blah...supper...blah blah good boy milo.  I just don't get it!?

Anyway, So no sooner did Devin get me off the bed, I helped myself back up on the bed. This time I was quiet about it.
Devin at this point believed that the battle was lost.
"Jason" on the GRACANADA.COM forum said not all that long ago:
"I have to say that the 'big boy bed' is getting that much closer to the couch and eventually your bed.  You've been warned ;)"

Some battles are worth fighting, while others, not so much is what Devin said to me.
Devin left the room and I followed.
No sooner did I get off the bed, Devin went back into the bedroom and laid on the bed.
I was trying to do this sneaky "maybe no one will notice act" when Devin caught me at the foot of the bed looking like I was up to no good. I was told to go lay down - That's what i was trying to do!! *ugh* some humans!

I paced for a bit in the apartment then came back to the bed, tried the sneaky routine again - then gave up when I was told to lay down on MY bed. 
I think what Devin was trying to teach me was there's a time and place for everything.  When Devin is in bed, that's DEVIN's bed.

I overheard a phone conversation - Devin said that it didn't matter what I did when I was home alone. BUT there will be NO sleeping together. Lesson learned -For now.

Another new thing for me today! :)

Of course - Photos of Moi!

Sniffing - this smells like Devin

What? Who me?

If I don't look, maybe I won't be noticed

But it's comfy

This is the life!

If I'm quiet can I stay?

Devin 1 - Milo 0

To Crate or Not To Crate

Devin left shortly after I posted my last blog. According to the blogger website that was around 1102hrs.
Devin came back around 1150hrs. 

I was not put in my crate when Devin left for Nana's.  I tried to leave with Devin. My head at to be pushed back into the house.
If you give me an inch, I will take that inch and turn it into 10inches so I can sneak off.

Devin checked around the home. It appears to be in good order - so Devin says.
I was told to "Kennel Up". I went into my crate without an hassle (as always); Once inside there I  was given one of Rye-Lee's Breath Busters. Devin told me I was a good boy!

I'm really not sure what merits all these "Good boy" praises, but I'll take them!

I think Devin is going to tidy up some; although looking around I'm not sure what exactly it is that needs to be "tidied".  Devin keeps a crazy clean place!  It almost looks like we don't live here.
Devin says that comes from living with my Auntie Shelley.  Auntie Shelley doesn't like "Clutter" and always keeps the house like she is on the run - everything has it's place; and can be picked up if need by to run at a moments notice! ...hehe

I think for my first attempt with "TRUST" Devin and I did well.

Devin came home with Nana's schedule so we can plan ahead for any possible days that I need help with.

That's it for now,


Playtime! and The 5 Letter word - T R U S T

Devin is getting ready to head over to Nana's to look over some work scheduling.
We all want to be prepared in even Nana and Devin both have to work on the same day; as Papa George isn't too sure of me and my needs just yet - Re: needing help up getting up the stairs etc..

Devin is going to leave me outside of my crate to see what I do while I'm left alone like that.
The house is pretty well "baby proofed". We'll see just how "proofed" it was when Devin returns.

Devin and I are still leaning how to play together.
Devin took my sheepie and tossed it down the hall and told me to go get it. I ran after it :)
We did this a few times.  Devin takes my "cue" when play time is over; I normally just take my sheepie back to my crate and lay in there with it.  Everything is still so new.

Devin was able to remove it from my mouth or from under my paws without me doing my "growly" thing I did when I first came home.  Trust works both ways I'm told.

1Hour Later Than Yesterday - That's A Good Thing, Right?

At around 2200hrs (Bedtime) Devin gave me a KONG frozen with PB and Kibble 
It kept me busy for some time.  Instead of being up at 0130hrs I was up at 230-255hrs this morning.
Devin noticed that I was nosing around my KONG when I woke up - I looking for some more food.

Once unsuccessful in finding some food, I started trying to get Devin's attention. I was told to stop and to lay down. I managed to keep still for a bit then started to try and communicate with Devin again. 
Devin told me to stop again. I crashed out for a  brief time, then was back to “communicating”.   
I started panting. Devin is still leaning the panting thing.
Devin always take it for Me needing to pee.   

We did end up going outside for a pee.
I felt a bit off still when we came back in. Devin gave me an ice cube and 3 pieces of kibble (the kibble is the size of training pieces). Devin went and laid down on the couch.  I went off to my crate to sleep. 
I stayed there until Devin went to to the bedroom at some point. 
I followed and napped on my bed. 

I slept straight through until 5am; then I was up and ready.  I had breakfast then we both went back to bed Nana called at around 0744hrs.
Devin decided that we'd go for a walk before it got too warm out.
 So shortly after 0800hrs we went for a walk to Nana's.
I started panting after being out in the sun for 30mins. Devin decided it was best to get me back home where it was cooler.

I'm still learning how to play.
Devin picked up my sheepie just a little bit ago and threw it down the hall. I ran after it ! :)
Devin said to come and i trotted back down the hall. I let Devin take my toys away from me now.
As soon as Devin's hand comes near the toy I drop it.  Devin still says "drop it".  I think Devin is trying to teach me something (again).

So much to learn. I'm pooped! Time for another Nap!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Meeting Papa, Curiosity and First Cuddles

Papa came over with Nana today to measure the window for the A/C unit to go in.
Devin really needs to get on the ball with this!  I'm used to being in a temperature controlled kennel.

I don't think people understand exactly how special I am.  I can't be treated like other breeds out there.
I may be a super star athlete but i'm not hardy; Due to my lack of fat and hair- it's very difficult for me to deal with hot and cold weather.  I  need to be in a controlled temperature environment of 68 - 72 degrees.
 (Devin get that a/c in this week!)

Getting back to my story about Nana and Papa --
I was happy to see Nana and Papa.  This was my first time having Papa over to visit.
Papa has a bit of a fear of larger dogs. He was concerned that I may bite him.  Nana told him that i'm very gentle.

I followed Papa around :)  I was wagging my tail a mile a minute. I hit the wall a few times - Papa said I was going to put my tail through the wall.  Silly Papa :)

Nana and Devin both agree that I'm coming out of my shell more and more each day.
I'm sniffing around more while i'm out on my walks.  I'm investigating more things within my new home.

Just the other day when Devin was hanging jackets in the hall closet I popped my head into the recycling bin and began to quietly pull out a mushroom tray out. Just as i was almost free Devin saw what i was doing. I was asked "what do you think you're doing".   Uhm... I took that as the HINT: not a good idea.  I dropped it and walked away.

Nana and I had a snooze together today. I woke up before Nana and started to play. My body was in "play stance" when I barked 2 times at Nana!   Nana took me out to do my business. :)I think his "voice" thing can work to my advantage.  It's kind of neat how I make a few sounds and my needs are met without hesitation.

I had my first cuddle with Devin today.

Devin was laying on the floor in the computer room. I think it's safe to say that Devin was feeling a bit exhausted after my shenanigans this morning.    Anyway, yeah...
I was laying down on my belly a foot or so away from Devin.  When all of a sudden i rolled over and cuddled into Devin.  This only the 2nd time Devin has laid on the floor when I've been nearby.

Baby steps.  Devin just wanted to make sure that I knew who was the alpha in the home - hence the not laying on the ground to appear to be equal or lesser.

Devin received a few replies so far in regards to my being hungry.  Apparently it's a running theme with other grey's right now - wanting breakfast at an early hour.

Someone suggested that Devin withhold 1/2 cup of kibble and feed it with some PB inside a KONG just before bed.    I can't wait for my bedtime snack! Hopefully that does the trick.

Okay it's time to go out for my bedtime pee and BED!


Devin Reaches Out For Help

I found this on the GRACANADA forum  It appears that Devin has reached out for some help again.


I think this falls under behaviour.

I started back to work this week.
working Fri Sat Sun. Milo and i have been getting up at 330am

here's what our 'routine" has been like.

0330 - 0345hrs first pee
come in, eat breakfast while i shower
He naps (generally an hour or so after eating he just goes off and crashes)
0415hrs'ish - we go out for our 30-45 min walk
0500hrs'ish - back home, i eat and finish getting ready for work.

He is not crated at night. he sleeps in his big boy bed beside mine.

Friday morning he got up around 3 am. He'd get up then lay back down. He did this until about 0330hrs. So i began our "day shift routine".

We're at Sunday now. And my lil' tater tot had me up at 130am (our last out was 9pm). I heard him get up, then noticed he was actually "sitting". He did this movement a few times, but would leap down into playing position. I ignored it until he started to get a throaty growl/work up to a bark on.

I took him outside - he did have one long pee.
he was pacing when i brought him back in. I thought maybe he was hungry. I gave him a milkbone he gobbled that up faster than it came to him.

After that he came to my doorway and laid outside of it for a bit.
Eventually came and laid back down on his bed.

0330hrs he was back in this play mood. I'm assuming trying to get my attention. I told him a few sharp No's. Told him to come lay down. He did i then pet him, but as soon as i stopped touching him he went into play mode again.

I told him no, waited a few minutes then got up.
I believe he was starving.

I gave him his breakfast and now he is out like a light.

Am i under feeding him????
I know if given half the chance if i left the food bag in front of him he'd have that polished off in no time.

He DID have a tape worm. so maybe that is making him more hungry??

With the way my schedule flips back and forth I didn't think he'd get used to my rotation of days so quickly.

I'm off Mon Tues - then i head back in for nights on Wed Thur (then off the weekend stretch)
I DO NOT want to be getting up at 330 am on my day off..lol

Can someone offer up some ideas?
I currently feed him a total of 4 cups of Canidae a day.
2 in the morning, and 2 at supper time.

I really do believe this "play and vocalization" is due to him being hungry.

His current weight is 64lbs.

I was taking him for walks 2 times a day at 30 to 45min stretches.
Maybe that is too much activity for what i'm feeding him????

I've since come down to 1 long walk in the morning.
It was way hot here the other day when i took him for a walk after supper. I didn't think it was "that" hot nor did it feel "that" humid.
It obviously was too much of both for him :(

So i've been letting him tell me when he needs to walk more.
I figured he knows his body more than what i do.

He still just sleeps a whole bunch so i don't think he's feeling the need to exercise more than what he's doing right now.
He goes out several times a day for a block or two at the very most with my mum when she comes over to hang out with him and let him out while i'm at work.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nana Visits With Nana and NEW noise experiences

Devin and I were up early again today. We started to wake up at 0300hrs. We finally got out of bed at 0330hrs.
We did our usual routine -  pee, breakfast/shower, nap time, walk, get ready for work, "kennel up", leave.

 Nana came over to visit with me again today. She was late in getting here.  She did read all the notes that Devin left for her.

I just looked at Nana when she came in.  I'm getting good at that. I just lay in my crate and enjoy the peaceful music and aquarium bubbles until someone lets me out.  Then i'm all happy tail wagging.

Nana left me out of the crate while she went and did laundry. Nana said I was a very good boy.
Only once when Nana came back into the house did she have to open the door slowly because I was laying against it.

While Nana and I were outside today we could hear a baby crying. My ears were pointed high in the air as I stood there very still listening.  Such a strange sound - I don't believe I've ever heard that sound before.

Devin came home shortly after 1700hrs today. We went outside, had our supper, i came back in and slept.
We then went for our walk together. We didn't go far as i began to pant.

While we walked towards the police station, a lady was outside getting ready to ring the church bells.
What do you meaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan that freaked me some. I stood there like a statue with my head tilted sideways, ears glued together in a triangle on my head (Devin still can't get over all the neat positions i get my ears into).  Devin told me that they were church bells, nothing to be afraid of.  We turned around and went the other way. 

2055hs  I was sleeping beside Devin in the computer room when I let out this throaty deep chested growl.
It made Devin jump.  I forgot Devin isn't used to hearing sounds come from me. As a breed we don't normally make noise of any sorts...well aside from sights and cheek puffs.

2 barks and 1 growl   

Time for bed
We've had early mornings all week. They do take a toll on me.


I got to hang out with Nana for a bit tonight. "YO" was out with Nana. Devin and I went over to talk and pet.

k, that's all.


May Showers Brings .... May Flowers??

Devin was up pretty early this morning. I started stirring around 0300hrs. Devin and I both put off getting officially up until 0330hrs.  I went outside, came back in, had breakfast, and laid down while Devin was in the shower.   I think we're on a nice schedule that works for the two of us.

Devin is concerned that I'll get in the habit of getting up at 3am expecting to go out and be fed.
We shall see what happens come Monday morning.

We went for a nice walk; about 30mins or so.  We went down a road we don't normally go down because Nana told Devin that the dogs aren't kept on a leash most of the time.  Devin figured it was safe to do so, given the ungodly hour (some might say) we went for our walk

The birds were chirping up a storm this morning!  My ears were pointed up and glued together.  I wonder what they are saying to each other?

Half way into our walk I felt big drops on my head.  Devin said the rain was coming. No duh?!

We got caught in a downpour. Neither of us had our coats on.  Oh well, eh?  Free bath for me and an extra shower for Devin today.

Almost time to "Kennel Up" and await Nana's arrival.


Friday, May 20, 2011

First Day Without Devin - Nana Time

Nana came to see me throughout the day. We even had a little nap together.
It was sure nice having her here with me. I'm not completely used to being left alone. I manage, but who doesn't like having company?  This new life is so quiet compared to the one I led.  

When Devin came home Nana had just left me. I was resting at the back of my crate. Devin called into the house and said "hello" I didn't budge from the back of my crate. Devin came over to see me and opened up the crate door. I was happy to have Devin home. My tail was wagging a mile a minute!
Devin ignored me a little bit - still trying to teach me that coming and going isn't a big deal.

We had supper. I then went to sleep for an hour before Devin brought me out.  I didn't want to go far tonight.
We made it to the back lot. There were so many mosquitoes. Devin was worried the lil' vampires were going to drink me dry!  Devin tapped the side of my cheek where one had been feasting. It looked like a massacre occurred on my backside!

We walked a few homes down the way. Devin pretty well has me able to poop on command.
I did do one psych out before actually going tonight. I got a bit distracted by the two ducks I saw in the field.

After doing my thing, Devin tried to get me to go for a walk. I didn't want anything to do with that tonight.
I just wanted to come back home.
When I went down the stairs tonight I went so slowly! Devin could hardly believe it!
I normally make it down the first few steps then jump down the rest. 

I went into the apartment and had an ice cube. I can not stress how much I love these things!
They are like....icy goodness!  Sometimes I can't be bothered to lift my head up off the blankets when I eat. Devin keeps telling me that it would be much appreciated if I would lift my head up so the ice cube doesn't get stuck in my throat.  Truth be told, I think I kind of like getting a rise outta Devin.
Devin needs to mellow out some!  I made it to 4 with my racing career - you think an ice cube is going to take me out??? 

Oh I forgot to mention something...
On my way outside tonight, when we went through the first set of doors from our apartment to the main hall/stairs the arm on the door made this funny sound. I stood there for a few moments just staring up with my head tilted to the side. Devin at first couldn't figure out what I was staring off at. It quickly became apparent.

New things to experience each day!

Devin has decided to let me decide for myself if I need to go for a walk or not.
I'm going to listen to my body.  Last night when I let Devin lead I was exhausted and overheated for several hours.

Okay, it's getting late.
I need to keep sleeping


Darkness/Fog Early Morning Walks

It wasn't probably a bad thing that Devin got up so early.
We are both settled and ready to start our own days.

Devin at work, while I take on the heavy task of sleeping the better part of the day away.

We started out for our walk at around 0416hrs and came home at about 0456hrs.
My tummy was gurgling on the last part of our walk. :( 
I stopped and had some more poopies.  :(

Poopies aside I had a great walk.  I was on high alert with my ears glued together in the upright position.
Being a sight hound the whole "night time/darkness" along with "fog" made zone in on everything.

Devin has a nice relaxation CD on for me. I was listening to it the other day while I had my "alone time".
It's like I have my very own private oasis. Solitudes playing with bubbles/running water in the background (fish tank).   This is the retired life!

Time to Kennel up


Up And At Em

Devin checked on me a few times last night while I was out in my crate with the fan blowing nicely on me.
At around 2300hrs or so I decided that I had enough of solo sleepies and came into the bedroom for the remainder of the night.

Devin had me up at 0330hrs - I could hear stirring at about 0300hrs but I did my best to ignore it, hoping I could get some more sleep in before this "work" thing Devin has been talking about happened.

I went out to do my business, when I came back in Devin made me breakfast.   Devin is hoping this the "Day shift" schedule doesn't mess me ups in terms of when I eat and go out. *Paws crossed* I can stay on track.

We'll be heading out for our walk in a half hour or so; Then Devin has to leave for "work".
Nana will be coming over around 8'ish or 9'ish to hang out and take me out.
She'll be back a few more times throughout the day, ya know until I get the hang of being alone on and off like that while Devin is at work.

Devin is concerned about what we're going to do when Nana and Devin both work on the same day.
We'll cross that bridge when we come to it - Hopefully much later than sooner!

Gotta get a move on


Thursday, May 19, 2011

solo sleepies

I've decided to  sleep  out in the living room by myself.

Devin still has the floor fan on and positioned to blow towards my crate.
Devin has tried a few times to have me come to the bedroom. I think I'll stay put for now.   

Devin told me that the bedroom door will be left open and the nightlight will stay on for me  

Sometimes get scared :(  

There's Something You Should Know About Me

 *Posted by "AnneC" on the gracanada website

Compilation of info from info posted on GreyTalk and a variety of sources (see references at end)

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke ARE SERIOUS, do not take chances!

Greyhounds CANNOT tolerate the heat and humidity of our summers. They have thin coats, long stringy muscles and little fat, which gives them minimal insulation against heat or cold. Greyhounds are best kept in consistently moderate temperatures of 68 to 72 degrees. Just because your dog is from Florida or Alabama doesn’t mean he/she is used to the heat - racers are kept in air conditioned kennels. You are going to have to keep him/her cool this summer.

A person and dog's worst enemy in the summer is HUMIDITY! This condition adds a lot of moisture to the air, and inhibits the body's ability to cool itself! In the hot weather, only walk your dog early in the mornings, or shortly after the sun goes down. Avoid outside exposure from about 2-7 p.m. - THE hottest time of the day!
Keep in mind that fans work on people because we perspire. When the fan blows across us, it evaporates the perspiration which cools us down. Dogs do not sweat to allow this to happen. If you only have a fan, wet them down with a towel so they also can get the cooling benefits of the fan. 

Dogs should always have water readily available; keep it cool by adding ice cubes. Squirting a greyhound down with cool water will help prevent overheating. You can also wet a towel and drape it over the dog's body. Some dogs love to stand in a wading pool, others just dive right in! Just make sure the water is tepid, not cold and that you are prepared for a wet shower when they get out.

Symptoms of Heat Stroke
Signs of heat stroke include heavy panting, weakness and red flushed ears and nose. Dogs can become so weak that they have trouble walking and even faint. Light-colored greyhounds are more prone to heat stroke, which can damage organs in the same way a fever does.

Treatments for Heat Stroke
Cool the greyhound as quickly as possible. Common techniques are spraying water over the dog, draping wet towels over his body. It's critical to keep refreshing the water so that it stays cool.
The homeopathic first aid treatment is belladonna.
Heat Stroke IS a MAJOR MEDICAL EMERGENCY! If your dog remains lethargic, or is running a high temperature, get him/her to the vet immediately.

Prevention of Heat Stroke
Preventing heat stroke means following common sense guidelines.
Basic rule-of-thumb - if you are hot, your dog is hot! If you think your dog is overheated - you can tell by excessive panting, weakness, and lethargy - get him/her into a shaded or air conditioned area as fast as possible. Wet your dog down with cool, not cold, water (do NOT use ice to cool the dog; it can constrict blood vessels). A good way of cooling a dog is to put cool compresses on the femoral arteries, the chest, neck and head.

References & more info


Walk of Death & Nana Got The Stamp of Approval

So Devin took me for a walk after supper tonight. I believe it was around 1800hrs.
The sun didn't feel very hot nor did it feel overly humid. I began panting - not too heavy, but still panting nonetheless.  Devin watched me, as it's easy for me to overheat.

We ended up walking down to the bridge, we normally go alllllll the way up the hill and into the park a little bit. . When we went to turn around to come home a nice man was packing up his fishing gear and came over to talk to Devin. He asked lots of questions and asked if it were okay for me to be pet.  Devin said yes. It's amazing how much love and attention I get from strangers.  Not all strangers are "danger".

Anyway - So after my visit with "stranger man" Devin and I made our way home. I started to pant heavily.
Devin had to encourage me to keep going. By the time we rounded the bend for home, I was really lagging.

Devin was worried. We went inside to have a drink of water and for me to lay down. I was laying down panting when Devin waited a bit to give me an ice cube.  I was so tired and hot i didn't even lift my head up to chew on the ice cube. Devin told me that It would be in my best interest and Devin's own piece of mind to lift my head up while i chomped, but i couldn't be bothered.

Devin felt the bald spot on my neck and was surprised at how hot it was.
Several ice cubes (spread out) later Devin went and got the BIG FLOOR FAN and pointed it on me. I also had a nice cool towel run down my body to cool me off. 

Floor fan/ice cube/cool towel wipe down is what i needed.
LESSON LEARNED thankfully not the hard way for Devin today.  I am but a delicate flower who needs to be protected from the world in some regard.  HEAT and COLD are not my friends!

Devin spoke with the "super" tonight about putting in the A/C. 
A/C is nothing new for me. I've always been kept in a kind of climate controlled environment.

When Nana came over I wasn't quite ready to for my before bed "out"; but I did go out with her. I did "EVERYTHING" for her.

Who knew there was a world outside of Devin? 

Time to go to bed - Devin's first day back to work is tomorrow morning.

We have a schedule written down on the whiteboard to help organize those who are helping me out.
Devin likes lists too -  :)


Morning News

Guess what?

Chicken butt...

Okay, no but seriously - I woke up around 0500hrs this morning. Devin and I went outside to do my thing; then I came in, and had a yummy breakfast.  Devin served me up some kibble with pumpkin and 2 tbsp of plain yogurt.
Devin will be the first to admit that the yogurt didn't do a thing for me last night. My stomach was throwing out a storm of greyhound gas :(

So I went for my morning walk with Devin. We didn't walk up the parkway like we normally do.
The rain was coming down hard; neither one of seemed to mind so we kept on keeping on.

When we came back from the walk I was pooped! Back to lay down.

Lynda came by to say goodbye for now. She is heading back home for about a week. I was looking for Lucy and walked myself down the hall to sniff at Lucy's door.  Lynda told me that Lucy was at puppy camp.

I am sure going to miss my walks with Lucy when she goes back down home for good - the first week of June.
She's been a real help in helping to get me settled. She showed me how to do the stairs the other day; which i'm still having problems with when she's not around *le sigh*

Devin told me that Nana will be stopping by a couple of times tomorrow while Devin is at work. I was told to be a good boy for Nana - Like I have to be told that???

Devin left the apartment about 20mins ago now. Before leaving Devin told me to Kennel up.
I went in without any hesitation.  For this, Devin told me I was a good boy and gave me a few pieces of kibble as a reward. It wasn't long after that I laid down and vegged out while Devin collected the essentials and left.

I believe Devin is going to stay away until around 3pm today (and in the evening for my nighttime pee).  Nana is supposed to come over and let me out all by herself.

Definitely will be an update on that.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Suprises - The Good Kind and Meal Time!

Devin picked up some Yogurt and more pumpkin for my tummy.
I'm not really sure what is causing me the tummy grief lately. It could really be a number of things:
1) stress
2)change in diet
3)snacks - i don't really get a lot of those
4)tape worm
5) tape worm meds

Whatever it is, i'll be happy when things settle for me.
The yogurt is suppose to help me with my gas and upset stomach. The pumpkin is added fiber that is supposed to help my elimination more solid.

Devin is taking good care of me.

On to surprises. I surprised Devin.  After I had my supper Devin gathered up the laundry and left the apartment to put it into the wash. I was left outside my crate with free roam of the house.
Now you see, normally I'll hang around the door (or on the door) or I'd be waiting for Devin somewhere for the return.

This time when Devin came back I was in the "master" bedroom. I was laying quietly on my bed.
First time for everything!

This has Devin a bit confused because of the pacing/restlessness/panting (stress) I was showing today.

I'm just full of surprises! 

"The boy" Jordan came to the door while my supper was being prepared. He wanted to know if I could come for a walk at 1830hrs.  Devin said, sure thing! 

I'm excited I get to see Lucy again.
I was over at her place today for a little bit.  Lynda gave me a few cookies. They were delicious!
I quickly found Lucy's bag of food, and decided to dive my head in for a few bites before Devin could pull my head out.

I also found Jordan's tennis ball and tried to sneak off with that. Once that was taken away from me, I found Lucy's stuffie bone.  Again, i tried to sneak off with that.

I have a tendency to try and take things that appeal to me.  Even towels in the cabinet. Something about it was calling me the other night.... I made it halfway down the hallway before Devin noticed I had sneakily walked off with it.

Okay, gotta get ready for my walk.