Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 43 (no treatment) Getting ready for our road trip!

This morning Devin and I went on our morning walk. We didn't walk very far before I decided to take Devin on a different route. It popped us out at the soccer field.  I walked and walked Devin around that field. I spotted this big yellow thing from across the field and made my way towards it. Devin told me all along that it was a fire hydrate but I had to see for myself.   Then I saw this big blue thing.  Devin told me it was a garbage bin and we were NOT going to walk to the end of the field again.    Devin's not fun after a night shift!
My soccer field
When we got home, i filled my belly with breakfast and went off to bed.  Devin was more than happy to follow behind me.
*waking up from my morning nap*
out cold again - surrounded by my friends
 Devin was in and out of the apartment doing laundry.  I've had the itchies lately; Devin thought maybe I could use a bath with my medicated shampoo and to wash up my bedding.   I discovered that Grampa Brian's pillow makes a neat crunchy sound when I hit and bit at it. *hehe*
playing with my pillow
 Short lived was the pillow play...
Think I could get my bedding back??
Will make do...
Hanging out with stuffie bunny
 Nana came by to hang out with me while Devin switched my car sling over to Nana's truck.
Laying on the couch WITH Nana :)
Nana isn't afraid of me anymore. She gave me some scratches while I laid on the couch next to her

 When Devin went outside I wandered off to the hallway... Hanging out with our packed bags.
Don't forget me!!
 I kept a good eye on Devin while my football was in "sick bay". 
hmm..whatcha doin' Devin??
*lick*  Football!!!!!
squeak *nom* squeak *nom*
short lived
*hanging out with my friend

 Devin brought me into the bathroom and gave me a good cleaning.  I felt fresh and ready to go after my bath.
Fresh - post bath
dried off... relaxing
Nana is coming to sleepover tonight.  I'm not sure what time we are leaving for our trip. I get a feeling its going to be in the middle of the night.  *yawn*

This time tomorrow I'll be hanging out with my cousins at the lake.   I may be on Hiatus until after our vacation. 


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 42 (treatment) .5

 Happy Birthday Papa George!

Last night when Nana came over to see me I was in laying on my bed.
When we got outside i think i set a record for the longest pee!  I like to think of it as me doing my part in helping to water the grass/plants.

 When we came back in Nana did a few chores. Normally Nana does these before we go outside. I had to be patient today.   She changed up the program on me *ugh*
Really, you couldn't have done this sooner??

On to today:
early morning wake up call
done with breakfast - laying on my KONG towel
z z z z  *mid morning*

Devin decided that we'd only do a half of a treatment today.  I'm only getting 1 treatment and that will only consist of the cream, rather than the acid solution.  Corn 2 was very pink yesterday after my treatment.
Devin thought though that the cream could go for 40mins instead of my usual "cook" time of 20mins.
waiting it out...
Corn 1
Corn 2

Not much to report on today... Laying low.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 41 (treatment) and Construction

My Day so far:

Got up
Had breakfast
Went back to bed
Got up
Went for a car ride over to Nana's

Inspecting Papa George's shed add-on.  Looks good to me!

Got me some pets from Papa George
Male bonding - watching Papa George work
Open buffet!  I didn't take any treats out of the jar though.  Rye-Lee came to see what I was up to
Wandering the backyard with Rye-Lee
Slurp! Found me some sprouts!!
Hard work grazin'. Decided to lay down for a rest
Watching Rye-Lee
Tiny Rye-lee
Doin' my own thing while Rye-Lee watches the other side of the house. he's so light you can hardly see him
Me and (tiny) Rye-Lee
Rye-Lee didn't make a peep at me today. We were outside together just doing our own thing ignoring each other.  I got a small case of the zoomies starting (rolled around on my back from side to side) when I popped up on my feet Rye-Lee went running. 

Back home from Nana's - treatment time for my feet.  Corn 2 is looking a little irritated from the treatment this morning.
Corn 1

Corn 2
 Not much else going on today.  Nana comes by tonight to hang out for a bit.   She finally got her power back on last night, but they are still without cable/internet/phone.  2.5 more sleeps til we head to the camp!!

It's a good day to just lay around -
No more photos please....


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 40 (Treatment) Back From Seeing Dr. J

Devin and I took different route today. We went exploring a new street. It looped us around to the soccer field. We ended up cutting through there to get home.  There were tons of things for me to smell.
relaxing and cooling down before my foot treatment
 The usual when we got home. I got up on the couch, cooled down from my morning walk, then Devin went to work on my feet.    While my feet “did their thang”, Devin was in and out doing laundry and packing for our trip.   At one point I was laying in the hallway for Devin’s return, then the next time I was up on the bed beside the packed items.   I’m hoping that Devin doesn’t forget me!!
Hangin' out waiting for Devin to come back from laundry
Treatment time
tired of being on the couch, made my way to the big bed
Corn 1 (corn 2 above)
Don't forget to pack me!!
Getting ready to go to Nana's
Getting my crazies on!
We went over to Nana’s to check on things.  She’s been without power for almost 24hrs now.  A tree was struck by lightening and fell on the power lines a few house over from Nana. 

Devin went up on the roof to clean out the gutters while I stayed on the ground with Nana picking up what was tossed down from the roof.
Got me a water bottle to play with! *Crunch Crunch*
Me n' Dutches
There you are!  How'd you get up there??
 After all that excitement, we went home to have a little nap before heading off to my Dr. appointment.
Rough life of a retired racer
The Beach is that way~~>

I was a good boy for Dr. J today. I didn’t make a peep when she pared down my corns for me.  I stood there like a trooper.   Dr. J doesn’t think that the solution that Devin’s been using is working on my feet.  The corn keeps growing outwards, so the root is still there.
She said that corns are nasty little ones that are hard to get rid of.  She offered a surgical options, to which Devin declined.  We are going to keep at it ourselves.   I have a feeling that Karen (Camp Greyhound) is going to be getting a lot of emails from Devin again.  *heads up to Karen if you’re reading this*

We were given a surgical knife to use to help pare down the area. She told me I could continue to use the treatment i had been applying to him (Murray Ave Cream) and see if it does anything now that they have been pared.
Corn 2 (after being pared)
Corn 1 (after being pared)

 My itchy skin too may be from the change in my dog food. I’m since back on the old stuff.  Dr. J did mention that for the next 2 months she has a lot of skin issues coming in to see her; environmental stuff.    Devin was told it was okay to use my shampoo (medicated stuff) on me to see if that helps, keep an eye on things. If it’s really bad Devin was given the ok to give me some benedryl.

Other than that…All is good. I weighed in at  72.5lbs today.  Lucy’s mum would be so proud to hear that!  They couldn’t get over hour skinny I was when I first came home.
Can we please get outta here??
k, i'm ready nowwww.  *heading home from Dr. J's*