Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 27 (Treatment)

Last night I crashed out pretty hard on my bed. I was off in la la land when Devin snapped this photo of me.
zzzzz not a care in the world. I LOVE MY "sheepie" blankets

Nana forgot about me.  She came over around 3pm today. *sniff sniff* 
whoa is me... Hello Nana
Okay, I'm being greyhound dramatic, she didn't forget about me. She had some human things she had to do before coming over to see me.  She brought me 2 boxes of yummy cookies!

I left an "arts and crafts" on the floor for Nana.
Crafty me
 Nana did things all backwards today.  I went off into my nest to wait for my "KONG". I hid my face under Grampa Brian's pillow while I waited.

 I was busy today while Devin was at work.  I tried my best to complete my art project before Devin returned home from work.

Arts n' Crafts for Devin
I was more than excited to see Devin this evening.  When the door opened I scampered my way towards the door. I was doing twirls and happy tail wags. I "nitted" on Devin a few times. *hehe*

Nitting - (Another behavior trait of some Greyhounds is called "nitting".  When a Greyhound is very happy, and loves their "person" they may nibble at their arm or side (or any available skin) with their front teeth.  It's actually an expression of great happiness but it might be misinterpreted as aggression).

Devin served me up supper and tended to a few things around the home. I was growing a bit restless and started to pace some, that my cue to Devin to head on outside.

We went for a rather long walk, considering it was warm outside.  Devin told me a few times, "you know, the further we walk the further we have to head back home".  I was a panting up a mini storm by the time we made it home. *Devin noticed on our walk this evening that on my front right armpit area, I managed to scratch myself a bit raw*  I'm thinking that if i keep the itchies up I might just win myself a bath this weekend (whether I want it or not). 

I met up with "friendship" out back.  She had I sniffed a bit then went our separate ways. In we came, Devin let me cool down and relax a bit before starting my foot treatment.  We only did one treatment today (Day shift).  Likely tomorrow will be the same thing.
Waiting out my evening treatment - Devin spotted some Yogurt on my face. Leftovers from my morning or afternoon snack.
Corn 1
Corn 2 - starting to show itself more.

Off to bed, Devin is going to have me up at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning. I just know it!


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