Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 42 (treatment) .5

 Happy Birthday Papa George!

Last night when Nana came over to see me I was in laying on my bed.
When we got outside i think i set a record for the longest pee!  I like to think of it as me doing my part in helping to water the grass/plants.

 When we came back in Nana did a few chores. Normally Nana does these before we go outside. I had to be patient today.   She changed up the program on me *ugh*
Really, you couldn't have done this sooner??

On to today:
early morning wake up call
done with breakfast - laying on my KONG towel
z z z z  *mid morning*

Devin decided that we'd only do a half of a treatment today.  I'm only getting 1 treatment and that will only consist of the cream, rather than the acid solution.  Corn 2 was very pink yesterday after my treatment.
Devin thought though that the cream could go for 40mins instead of my usual "cook" time of 20mins.
waiting it out...
Corn 1
Corn 2

Not much to report on today... Laying low.


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