Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 23 (treatment) Casting Call Update

Devin posted a voting "help" on, facebook, and on here for me.  The votes are in.
Majority of the folks liked my beach photo.   We submitted the photo below for the Calendar Casting call.

If I win, if at all possible, Devin is going to donate the 500$ "shopping spree" grand prize to Papa Bill at Gracanada (where I was adopted from).

If you could all take the time to click on the link below, you'd be helping me out a great deal.  Official voting only starts on August 9th, 2012. However, until then by clicking I get a "paw-tenial" beside my photo.

Thanks again for your help!

Please Click Link To Vote For Milo (Pet Valu Casting Call)

 Devin came home early from work last night, completely wrecking my plans of having an amazing night sleep on the big bed.  Because I'm so cute and all, Devin didn't have the heart to tell me to go lay on my bed.  We shared the bed until the wee hours of the morning. Finally i had enough of Devin trying to steal my blankets, I went and laid on my bed.
Enjoying my alone time on the big bed
move, what?
 We stayed in bed until 8ish this morning.  Devin brought me for a short walk.  The weather was ideal, i wanted to keep going, but Devin turned me around :(

 Day 23 - treatment
plastic wrap feet
whoa is me
corn 2
corn 1
 Devin's noticed that there is a piece of my pad that's kinda coming off from the treatment.  Not the corn area, but on the side of the pad.  Apparently this is common with my treatment, so no need to worry.
Devin dug around the corn on CORN 1. I didn't fuss too much today.

After my treatment I found my way into my nest.  Sometimes I feel like i could use a bigger "nest".

Back to bed - Nana comes again tonight!


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